Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall is here Getting ready for a temperature change

All the animals have started preparing for winter now that fall is here.  Stormy is no exception.  He is getting all fat and fluffy!
Chuck is building up fat storage in his hump.  We have lowered the heat lamp in the Zebu stall as they do not grow a heavy winter coat. Even though temperatures have been in the 80's temperatures are expected to drop 20 degrees next week.  This can be hard on the animals.

Zebu Trim --Girl ScoutsTroop 2797

 Our Zebu Sir Charles aka Chuck is so old that we thought it would be easier to have the pedicure be brought to him.  Josh Dreier ( came all the way from Wiggins with his mobile chute and table to trim our two Zebus.  He brought his two daughters as helpers.
 Our very dependable volunteer Ken was able to help with getting Chuck into the chute
Josh specializes in dairy herds, and show cattle and now Zebus. :) 
He found several abscesses that along with arthritis and old age make it hard for Chuck to move around and therefore he could not go to pasture this summer

Our vet, Dale Rice, gave Chuck an antibiotic shot and we have been soaking his feet in betadine daily.  This should help Chuck's mobility.
Girl Scout Troop #2797 came to help with chores and those that were interested got a lesson in hoof trimming.  They also made a generous donation to help with the cost of this trim.
Their visit was arranged by Meredith.  We hope they will come back.  They were good helpers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Great Day for Horses

Today was wonderful weather for our two horses, Goldie and Dealer to go grazing. Talk about paradise!

Goldie loved all of the tall grass to eat.

Dealer even managed to get one of our lovely volunteers, Jack, to give him a good brushing. Thanks Jack!

Care and Community Helpers!

Chance and Jack lead the crew in field clean up.
                  Mike and Jamie repair the fence from Pancake's damage for the 100th time!
                                       Nick leads the crew in preparing to spread manure.
It's always a good time when the Care and Community volunteers come to help out at the rescue! We really appreciate all of their hard work. Once they completed a tough list of chores, it was time to throw apples for the animals to enjoy. Thanks again Volunteers!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Displaying goliath2 047.JPG
This is Goliath (aka go-go).
He is about 8 years old. Goliath is part chihuahua and part silky hair terrier. His owner, for 7 years, lost her home and had to move to a place she could not take Goliath. 
He is in the process of being neutered and has immunizations, which are due in a couple months. He will be immunized at the time of neutering. His grooming is minimal. Most important is to trim the hair out of his eyes and keep his nails clipped.  
Goliath is a loving little guy that likes to be babied. He currently lives with two cats and gets along with them. He is close buddies with a tabby. He lived with another dog and warmed up to a Boxer, when introduced to her. She frightened him a little because he had never seen a large dog before. They became friends.
Goliath does have a tendency to relieve himself on plastic bags when not let out in enough time. We have him going on piddle pads, with a walmart bag placed on top, if we know it will be a while. He is also kennel trained. We have a sun room we place the piddle pads and he is very good about taking his urgent needs out there to the piddle pads.
Goliath is not much for taking walks, because of his desire to hunt cars and airplanes. Yes, airplanes. I don't know what happened between little Goliath and airplanes, but they seem to be his arch enemy. He is not much of an outdoors type of guy. Goliath only barks at cars, airplanes, people coming in the door (until he sees them, then it is "pet me I love you"), dishes being put away (he more speaks protest to the clinking than barking), and anyone speaking to him in a very high pitch. He sings along with my daughters viola playing.
If you are interested in finding out more about Goliath, please contact the Edwards Foundation.

Network For Good

The Edwards Animal foundation now uses Network For Good as well as paypal to accept donations! Network For Good is a wonderful online donation and funding program. If you are interested in donating this way, please click the following button:

Chuck in the Sun

Old man Chuck enjoyed what was left of the summer sun today. It might start getting colder soon so he needs to soak up whatever sun he can. Come visit us to enjoy the last of the warm weather!