Saturday, September 27, 2014

Zebu Trim --Girl ScoutsTroop 2797

 Our Zebu Sir Charles aka Chuck is so old that we thought it would be easier to have the pedicure be brought to him.  Josh Dreier ( came all the way from Wiggins with his mobile chute and table to trim our two Zebus.  He brought his two daughters as helpers.
 Our very dependable volunteer Ken was able to help with getting Chuck into the chute
Josh specializes in dairy herds, and show cattle and now Zebus. :) 
He found several abscesses that along with arthritis and old age make it hard for Chuck to move around and therefore he could not go to pasture this summer

Our vet, Dale Rice, gave Chuck an antibiotic shot and we have been soaking his feet in betadine daily.  This should help Chuck's mobility.
Girl Scout Troop #2797 came to help with chores and those that were interested got a lesson in hoof trimming.  They also made a generous donation to help with the cost of this trim.
Their visit was arranged by Meredith.  We hope they will come back.  They were good helpers.

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