Monday, July 31, 2017


We caught a squirrel in our trap! The squirrel was scared and was acting nuts. We released the furry friend in a place with lots of trees and plenty of room to live a good life. Hopefully it doesn't come back to visit.


The goose says hello!
The goose gets a well needed bath!

Edward's welcomes a new animal friend. This goose was given a temporary home here, and in just a few days, it was adopted and now has a forever home. Thanks to Diane from the Evergreen Animal Protection League for rescuing and transporting the goose to us. So glad everyone pitched in to help with this rescue. We thank Diane who made a very generous donation to us.
Leah, Grace, and Josh say hi to the two geese at Lori's house. They are doing very good and are a great couple. The goose was placed with her this past summer.

New Porch

 Our great volunteer Josh helps to lay down the mats in preparation for gravel.
Danelle helps to get the porch finished.
Gravel has been added and spread.
The patio blocks get laid.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Goat Adoption

We adopted out 5 of our goats.
Redwood, Nimbus, Ziggy, Marley, and Newt are welcomed to their new home.
The goats meet new friends including some horses.
The new owners Cindy and Jim are glad to have the goats to eat weeds and have as good company.

Walking the ponies

 Today the ponies got a well needed walk. Josh, Jasmin, and T had fun walking the ponies.
The ponies and kids were excited to be out of the barn.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


This is one of our best volunteers, Grace. She graduated from Mountain Vista High School and is going to the University of Wyoming for collage. She has an internship with veterinarians. She comes down here and helps us out.


Our amazing volunteer, Leah, has her own website that she sells her own handmade jewelry on! After lots of success with her business, Leah brought a very generous donation of $55 to Edwards Animals! We are so thankful and so happy to have an entrepenuer like her on our team! If you would like to support Leah and buy some jewelry of your own, you can find her pieces at:
Yet again, Leah has donated to us. She donated the money she made from selling her beautiful jewelry creations. The money goes straight to the animals, and helps us take care of them. One of Leah's favorite animals, Fudgie, enjoys her donation.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good Morning Dogs

The dogs wake up to a hot day of summer.
Fudgie the Chihuahua relaxes in his dog house. He is still a little nervous about people, but he is getting better.
 Sammy rests after his long walk. He loves to get his belly rubbed.
 Tuffy the Jack Russell is excited to meet you. He is a special dog, he only has one eye.
Chip is the biggest and most lovable dog of all. He likes to go on long walks and get his head scratched.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July!

 Happy to celebrate 4th of July with the Edwards Animals! Thank You to Leah and Kevin for coming out today to volunteer!!