Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Animal Behavior Specialists for Pancake

On a cold and dreary evening Doctors Elise and Ariel returned for a second training session with Pancake.  First session they trained her to touch a target--- the black coffee cup with her nose in return for a treat and a clicker sound.Pancake remembered the cues.
Next step is the same with a different location---Pancake's pen.
The next visit they will work on getting to stand on a movable target station.
Yea we love their visits.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pine Lane Elementary 4th Grade Student Council Visits the Rescue

Today the Rescue was lucky enough to have visitors from Pine Lane! The 4th grade Student Council members fed, brushed, and played with all sorts of animals. The students were very helpful and got to learn all sorts of fun facts. Thanks so much for all the help, guys!

The Behavioral Vets

Meet Dr. E'lise Christensen and Ariel Fagen, animal behavior specialists that paid a visit to our Rescue to help out with our goat Pancake! These lovely ladies spent some time working with Pancake to help reduce her aggression towards visitors. 

Right now Pancake has to be kept in a pen when volunteers come to visit, but with any luck that will all change very soon. Good luck with training, ladies!