Sunday, July 31, 2011

Horseshoeing Around

A huge thank you goes out to Rocky Mountain Horseshoeing for donating farrier services for all of our horses and ponies. Goldie was especially happy to be the center of attention Saturday morning and behaved quite nicely during the process. Steve & Chelsea really love animals and it shows in their patience and attentiveness to their needs.

Please visit their website:

And speaking of ponies, we'd like to introduce two of our newest additions to Edwards; Toby and Dusty. These two have quite the personalities and Dusty often forgets that Dealer is twice his size. Toby is very sweet and quiet while lovable Dusty tends to be a bit full of himself and sounds like a full-sized stallion when he neighs.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Katrina makes a donation!

Katrina is a 10 year old who had a serious knee injury. This injury required her to be off her feet prior to and after surgery. To keep from getting bored she checked out our rescue on the web and decided to do fundraisers to help our animals. She Made and sold beaded jewelry, lemonaide and various other other items to raise almost $20 for us. She and her grandmother came to visit and present us with her donation. Thank you Katrina!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fernando gets a ride to forever home in Elizabeth

Fernando is a beautiful burro that got a forever home in Elizabeth. He will be missed but we are so happy for him!

Moose gets a foreverhome

Moose is with his best new friend, Patch. He seems to be all settled in with his three new friends. Pat and Dale have promised to take goos care of him.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In memory of Coq Au Vin

Coq Au Vin was always running to meet and greet our visitors. He loved people and they loved him. What a mascot!!!Friends of our colorful little friend say goodbye by ringing chimes on rooster ornament. Rob was a good friend that carried Coq Au tucked in his coat many times to warm both their hearts. We are sad to report that our beloved mascot and cheerful friend Coq au, the Old English banty rooster has died. Our volunteer Lisa got a beautiful flowering bush to plant in his honor. Many turned out to help with the planting.

Volunteers get ready for Grey Kitty's Adoption Event at Tagawa Gardens

This beautiful container garden was designed by Roxanne, Jessica, and Diane last Saturday with the help of Tagawa's knowledgeable staff. You can participate in the bidding auction for this lovely garden arrangement at our booth. Come and visit us by the cooling pad wall.

Come one, Come all. Volunteers from our Foundation will be at Tagawa Gardens this Saturday and Sunday from 11 - 3. Many animal rescue groups will be there to give information on animals available for adoption. We do not have any animals up for adoption at this time but we will take our pictures and scrapbooks and maybe even maybe a pr ambassador or two.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Addi and Graham visit

Ann and Graham visit with Lamborgini the sheep. Addi communicates with Molly the Zebu.

Everyone helps with cleaning

Imagine that you are walking through a gate into a pen with zebus. It might be a bit scary but really the zebus aren't the problem. The goat pancake the mighty is.