Monday, May 24, 2021


 Our animals were visited by our WONDERFUL vet and his assistant! 

All animals were given a clean bill of health and are up to date with their vaccines! 

Some Animals are easier than others to "wrangle"
Angel ready for his vaccine with the help of Natalie
to keep him occupied with lots of scratches.
Millie is wondering "what the heck is going on?"

Tonya getting a hug from Kanga and Roo wondering how 
she got that close to her. Anyone who knows this girl, knows
that Tonya is WAY stronger than she looks to hold this girl.

Holding her even tighter while the vet gives Kanga her shot. 
Roo is trying not to make eye contact in hopes that 
they won't notice that she hasn't received her's yet.

Natalie demonstrating a good base to controlling a 
goat. Gotta use your whole body sometimes to 
hold some of the more "wild" ones. 

Volunteer turned vet tech getting vaccines prepped.
Loki is not one that needs to be convinced to get attention.


                                     Special Updates 

Dealer: His FINAL stitch was taken out and his eye has healed BEAUTIFULLY! 

Fudgie: His eye is still doing great. He's been given a clean bill of health for being 14 years old.       Happy, well loved, and SPOILED! 
After what this little guy went through as a young pup, he deserves to be pampered!


We want to thank ALL of the generous donations we've received! These animals depend on every little bit of help they receive. Without all of you, these check ups wouldn't be possible!

Sunday, May 16, 2021



After weeks of weather that made our grounds more like swamp land rather than a pasture, we were given 3 days in a row to dry out enough to make this happen!

As you can see, however, we got everything in JUST in time before we were dumped on again!

THANK YOU FOR ALL DONATIONS! Every little bit helps!

Special thanks to Mike and Melissa from Double Beam Ranch at for their excellent service.

Thank you to Eugene and Jenni (two of our regular volunteers) for getting the pallets down just as fast as Mike could load the tractor and pull in. (He was FAST!)

Eugene and Jenni before delivery ready to throw Pallets

Mike making it look easy to load these
1300 lb bales

FULL and ready for Summer!!!

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Thursday 5/13 was a bitter sweet day for us here at the foundation.
Mini Mouse, a sweet girl, had to say "goodbye" to her life long best friend a few weeks ago so she and her "dad" Cornelius came to visit and pick a new potential buddy.
Our little guy Ace and she got along right away so we were happy to send him to his new home.
The latest update from his new family is that he is scarfing all of the grass (we aren't surprised by that), hanging out with his new friends, and has since been renamed ELVIS. We think this is the PERFECT new name for him as he thinks he is the king of the world.

Meeting and Playing

First Family photo (Missing Mom)

Our Volunteer, Jenni, saying "see you later"
to our buddy. (Not pictured was the bawling
mess she became as she watched him
ride away with his new family)

Until We Meet Again

We were hit with sadness last week as one of dear volunteers left this world to join his galaxy far, far away. Anybody who knew him, knew love. 

Thomas truly touched the hearts of all of us around the foundation. Thomas' first day with us, we weren't sure he would come back as our animals would not leave him alone. To say he was uncomfortable is an understatement. Despite this, he continued to show up every week eager to work and take care of everything around the farm from shoveling manure to moving heavy loads of wet hay in the hot sun for hours rocking a sleeveless shirt showing off his muscles. Little by little, his comfort level grew to such a degree that we are honored to have witnessed a complete turn around from that first day. 

Thomas's last day with us was Friday May 7, which was our biggest blessing from him. Our hearts melted as we watched Elizabeth the llama sneak up on him, as she did every day. He turned his cheek to her, leaned in, and she kissed him!!! 

The loss of such a special young man is already being felt here. We will keep his memory alive by continuing to tell his story of perseverance through adversity and fear. 

"May the force be with you," Tom.