Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Devin and her Falcon from Nature's Educators

We support Devin and her organization, Nature's Educators, that cares for and rehabilitates raptors. Her contact information is -

Nature's Educators
Educational Wildlife Programs

If any of our feathered friends go down, they enter the food chain to help this wonderful program. :)

Grey Kitty Birthday Party / Pet Adoption Event 2014

 Coco makes new friends while drawing a crowd to the Edward's Animal table.
 Children got a chance to have their picture taken with Coco - say cheese Coco!
 We had pictures, candy, and flyers for customers to look through as they visited with Coco
 Coco loves to show off for and make people smile!
 Lauren and Joan make sure Coco is comfortable and happy
 The kids loved Coco's soft, fluffy feathers!
 A wonderful face painting booth was set up at the event, and offered a bright and creative selection to choose from
 Lauren rocking the fish and bubbles while holding Coco
Kids had an opportunity to feed and pet Coco with Ambe and Lexi 

Happy Birthday to some wonderful volunteers!!!

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear Ken and Callie!
Let's eat some delicious cake :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer is here!

Ethan, Grace, Ambe, Lexi and Lauren work together before the heat of the sun gets too hot.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fischers host swim party for Lisa's Birthday!

 Jamie and Lisa relax after doing chores at the Edwards Foundation in deck chairs at the Fischers. Jamie, the Dog Whisperer, communicates with his dog friend.
Good lookin' guys in the pool. Chance, Mike, and Jack. 
 Conner enjoys lunch and a view.
 Queen Lisa reigns on her royal throne! Her mom joined all of us for the fun.
Lisa gets a closer look at her birthday cake. Thank you Paula for the wonderful afternoon :)

Brown Bunny needs good home

 Karen rescued this bunny. She cannot keep him in her apartment. This bunny gets along with cats, and is relaxed, and soft, and beautiful and loves to be carried around.
Please call her if you can help – 720-227-3071

Visitors from Colorado Springs receive a royal tour by members of The Care and Community Group

Twinkle brought her two grand kids and her Margo to visit us. She is from Pike Peak United Methodist Church, and each month this church selects a group to support through their program called Change for Change.
 Jamie and Chance from Care and Community, introduce Ian and Kaelyn to Bandit, our little pygmy fainting goat.
 Here Twinkle and Kaelyn brush Toby the pony, as both of their beautiful manes blow in the wind!
 Here the group gives Molly, the zebu, special treats.
 Lisa, a member of Care and Community, introduces everyone to Dealer.
 Ian takes Nathan for a walk to show off his new hair cut.
Twinkle deals with dual delights. 

Help from Grace and Good Sam

 Were so glad Grace was able to complete her volunteer work Good Sam requires from all their employees with us. She showed her muscles by tearing down a 30 year old fence in the garden area. She also painted our walls in the barn. Grace did all this and still kept her fabulous fingernails in elegant condition.
Grace was very good, and even gave us a royal tour of their beautiful facility located in the Denver Tech Center. She earned a halo for all her hard work.

Heavy Duty Manly Work!

 Mason and his tractor mow the front field.
 Nick and his electric chain saw mow down a Russian Olive
Nick and his electric chain saw cut, stack and tie the cut down tree.

Come visit us and see what they have done!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Thanks to these wonderful volunteers who came on the Fourth of July Weekend: Haley, Lynda, Grace, Callie, Nathan (Llama), Laura, Roxanne Matthew and Millie (Llama).