Thursday, July 10, 2014

Visitors from Colorado Springs receive a royal tour by members of The Care and Community Group

Twinkle brought her two grand kids and her Margo to visit us. She is from Pike Peak United Methodist Church, and each month this church selects a group to support through their program called Change for Change.
 Jamie and Chance from Care and Community, introduce Ian and Kaelyn to Bandit, our little pygmy fainting goat.
 Here Twinkle and Kaelyn brush Toby the pony, as both of their beautiful manes blow in the wind!
 Here the group gives Molly, the zebu, special treats.
 Lisa, a member of Care and Community, introduces everyone to Dealer.
 Ian takes Nathan for a walk to show off his new hair cut.
Twinkle deals with dual delights. 

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