Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dex gets crypt-orchid surgery

This is Dex, a three year old, crypt-orchid (testicles have not descended)  buckskin.  He is just one of several we were able to rescue from the Crested Butte area horses destined for slaughter in Mexico.   Dr. Dale Rice was the vet who worked with us to bring them back to health during their quarantine period.  Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer Roxanne who wrote a letter to Colorado State University's teaching hospital we were able to get surgery for Dex at a greatly reduced rate.  Thanks to a generous donation from Bill, Jill and their family we can pay the reduced rate and surgery is scheduled for January 2nd. 
 This is a very serious surgery and we are sure of a positive outcome.  With this surgery Dex will be able to progress in his training and be able to be placed in a forever home soon.
Teri from Terolyn Farms has volunteered her truck, trailer and driving to get Dex to Fort Collins.  We will keep you updated.  Surgery was scheduled for the week before Christmas but we had to cancel due to a snow storm.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

All Dogs go to Heaven and Reggie went there.

Reggie was fifteen when he finally decided to make the trip to heaven.  He had limited use of his back legs for some time due to a back injury.  He also had numerous lumps.  Up until the day he went away he would wag his tail in greeting to our visitors.  When we had foster kids they spent lots of time counting the Mickey Mouse silhouettes they could find in his many spots.  He went to dogie school and won a blue ribbon for the best behaved "student".  Dr Dave Barton, Integrative Wellness chiropractor,  gave him several adjustments to keep his spine aligned.  When it was Reggie's time to go, Dr. Lee Mueller, his assistant Jennifer, and Lynda's daughter Teri made his passing stress and pain free.  He was a good dog.  He will be missed.  We thank all those who came around with a kind word for Reggie.

Dover's Giving Tree

The Edwards Foundation would like to thank all the patrons of Dover's Saddlery in Parker who selected us to receive requested animal care supplies.  This is Dover's second annual Giving Tree.
                  Jason and Diane, two volunteers, are pleased to accept the donations from Tracy.
And again just before New Years we, Diane and her daughter, are again receiving gifts from the Giving Tree.  Tracy said the tree was originally Mona's idea and that this year Emily and Anna were in charge of the Giving tree.  We were glad to hear that Dover's will be setting up the Giving tree again next year.  We thank all who made these donations possible.

Corbin finds a best friend and a new home with John

 Corbin and John spent many hours together to make sure they would work well together.
When it was time for Corbin to load up to go to his new home he loaded easily.
This is Corbin and his new best friend John.  John heard about Corbin and his rescue with the other abandoned horses from Crested Butte, Colorado.  You might remember the pictures of Rene and Corbin.  Corbin was so scared of humans that Rene and Chelsea from Rocky Mountain Horseshoeing came around to help him learn to trust people and also to help him get used to having his feet trimmed.  John was looking for a horse he could work with in his spare time.  He fell in love with Corbin and the feeling was mutual!  John would whistle softly and Corbin would come right to him.  We know they will have many good times together.

Dr. Dale Rice repairs Molly the Zebu's horn

The animals got running around and the Zebu cow (Boscus Indicus) fell, flipped and broke one horn off and severely damaged her other horn.
 Dr. Dale Rice consulted with CSU and other vets in the area and decided he would try to save the remaining horn.  His tech assistant, Kim came to help.  First they had to make the area numb.  Dr rice compared the loss of a horn as similar to a nail pulled from a nail bed but more painful.
                                Then the shattered horn was wrapped with fine wire to stabilize it.

 Then a fast drying epoxy was applied to the horn.  Volunteer Diane came in a post operative collar from her neck surgery to offer comfort and support to Molly.
        Molly's repaired horn along with an anti-inflammatory made them both (Diane and Molly) feel much better.
 Chuck came around to give Molly a tongue cleaning session and to make sure she was OK.
                                    Chuck approves!  They say "Thank You" to Dr. Rice and Kim.
                 It has been a month and the horn is holding.  Some volunteers call Molly our Unicorn cow! :)
                                                    Come visit her.  She loves special attention.

Daisy Troop 1706 and families visit

The Daisy Girl scouts made treats for  all the animals.
 Then the whole troop came with their families to meet the animals.  The animals say thank you for the great treats
                                               THANK YOU girls from Troop 1706