Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dex gets crypt-orchid surgery

This is Dex, a three year old, crypt-orchid (testicles have not descended)  buckskin.  He is just one of several we were able to rescue from the Crested Butte area horses destined for slaughter in Mexico.   Dr. Dale Rice was the vet who worked with us to bring them back to health during their quarantine period.  Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer Roxanne who wrote a letter to Colorado State University's teaching hospital we were able to get surgery for Dex at a greatly reduced rate.  Thanks to a generous donation from Bill, Jill and their family we can pay the reduced rate and surgery is scheduled for January 2nd. 
 This is a very serious surgery and we are sure of a positive outcome.  With this surgery Dex will be able to progress in his training and be able to be placed in a forever home soon.
Teri from Terolyn Farms has volunteered her truck, trailer and driving to get Dex to Fort Collins.  We will keep you updated.  Surgery was scheduled for the week before Christmas but we had to cancel due to a snow storm.

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