Saturday, December 29, 2012

Corbin finds a best friend and a new home with John

 Corbin and John spent many hours together to make sure they would work well together.
When it was time for Corbin to load up to go to his new home he loaded easily.
This is Corbin and his new best friend John.  John heard about Corbin and his rescue with the other abandoned horses from Crested Butte, Colorado.  You might remember the pictures of Rene and Corbin.  Corbin was so scared of humans that Rene and Chelsea from Rocky Mountain Horseshoeing came around to help him learn to trust people and also to help him get used to having his feet trimmed.  John was looking for a horse he could work with in his spare time.  He fell in love with Corbin and the feeling was mutual!  John would whistle softly and Corbin would come right to him.  We know they will have many good times together.

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  1. John is thinking about changing Corbin's name. They are making a great team. Waiting to hear new name.