Friday, October 28, 2011

We have some sad news

Monday we made a hard decision. When Diane came to feed she found that Honey had not eaten her dinner. This was the fourth time in a month that Honey had colic. She is such a stoic old girl that unlike most horses with colic who paw the ground, bite at their sides, sweat, and roll on the ground in pain, Honey just quits eating. After a consult with our vet Doctor Lee Mueller and my daughter Teri it was decided that the kindest thing to do would be to euthanize Honey. She went gently on the trees on a beautiful day.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steve and awesome crew set shelter posts

If you need a job done by a great crew, there is none better than Steve and his awesome kids. They volunteered to set the posts for our shelter for the animals from the elements. Several crews had tried to dig in our cement-liker ground to set the 5 poles 2 feet deep. Neither pick axes, post-hole-diggers nor dynomite could break the ground. Then Steve arrived with his auger, bobcat and crew of the fantastic four to get the holes dug.
Poles are set, leveled and cement mixed and tamped in.
Everyone worked to measure, dig, mix, haul cement. What energy!
What a great crew: Kaelin, Meghan, Hunter, and Hayden.
Steve's crew even had enough energy to help feed when the post work was done. We thank these wonderful volunteers for their hard work and expertise. If you need anything done quickly and correctly call Edwards for Steve's number. He works a 100 hour week and still makes time to volunteer!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ashlee Dog whisperer "talks" to Sam

Ashlee is a great long time volunteer, and is now a senior at Legend High School, and has taken on the project of training our “wild child” Sam. A mix puppy we got from the Denver Dumb Friends League. In the past animal healers Shelly and Karen have worked with him to get him grounded and in the present. Ashlee is working to get Sam to use a kennel as a place of quite safety. He was very afraid to even go near the kennel. Ashlee took the kennel apart and got him to sit in it. Sam trusts her very much, and hopefully he will be secure and confident of his safety.

Friday, October 14, 2011

CFC Campaign day at Federal Center

We all had such a great time at the Denver Federal Center when we got to participate in the annual Combined Federal Campaign information fair. There were 165 non-profit organizations presenting their information to more than 300 representatives from federal offices. Diane and Coco-au-deux were real crowd pleasers. We think Coco was the most photographed participant.
Jillian did such a good job multi tasking----passing our literature with our CFC number, monitoring the the goats, and giving all her beautiful smile!
Kirstin, Dawson, Caleb, Jillian, Diane, and Lynda all went early to get our table set up and pick a nice spot under a shade tree.
We passed out a lot of fliers and pencils and talked to many, many people.

Tomichi gets first hoof trim

The Rocky Mountain Horseshoeing team arrived to give Tomichi his first hoof trim. What a team! Kelsea and Steve are so gentle and Tom was so good for his first trim. In fact Steve has so much left over energy he also trimmed the feet of Hannah and Sugar the burros. We say a big thank you to them at

Friday, October 7, 2011

Update on Rocky the adopted colt

Do you remember The little foal in intensive care that we named Tyson because he was such a fighter? He was adopted by a young lady named Bailey who quickly changed Tyson's name to Rocky in honor of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Then Rocky fractured his back leg and needed surgery at CSU. Well---take a look at him now. He is growing up and Bailey does such a good job with his ground work. He loves her and lets her examine his teeth. And where his leg was fractured there appeared a heart. Symbol of his great heart and all the love he is receiving!

Grandview kids visit when the wind isn't blowing

On a warmer day visit Cory takes photos while Brett gives Toby attention. Dusty has a friend who says her name is "Dorothy". and she was giving him lots of attention. All the Edwards Animals love visits from their friends at Grandview.

Grandview ILC loves to visit

Neither high winds or blowing dust could thwart the bold students of Grandview's ILC Program. Brett and R.J. love to groom dusty as their teacher's Linda and Don assist them. The smile on Kim's face shows Haley she is doing a great job brushing Honey. The newly rescued horse Tom loves all the special attention the Grandview students can dish out.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tominichi out of quarrentine and at Edwards Animals

Tominichi aka Tom was moved here. One picture shows him walking away from Terolyn Farms. Next one shows him arriving at Edwards. What a welcoming committee. He will have so many friends here. Hopefully he will not miss his little sister Talia who has been adopted and will remain at Terolyn. Tonight was Tom's first night in a barn and he did not hesitate when he saw his food in his stall. More later. Come visit him. He loves attention.

Dealer's Eye Surgery at The Eye Clinic

Last week Dr. Dale Rice checked on what Lynda thought was a sty in Dealer's eye. Not so! Probably squamous cell carcinoma and it needed immediate surgery. Dr. Rice arranged for Dealer to go to The Eye Clinic in Wheat Ridge where Dr. Todd Hammond, a veterinary Ophthalmologist, agreed to perform the surgery. Teri Allen from Terolyn Farms arrived at 9 am today with her big trailer for a first class transport for Dealer. We arrived at the surgery center and were greeted by Dr. Hammond and his tech Maureen. Dealer's eye was examined and he was sedated. The medicine to relax him also caused him to be very sensitive to sound so hence the cotton in his ears.

Dr. Rice and his tech Kim arrived to offer assistance. First Dr. Hammond cut out most of the tumor from the lower eyelid. Then he used cryo-surgery to freeze what we hope were the remaining cancer cells. After the surgery, Teri walked Dealer around to get him ready for the trip back to Terolyn. It was decided he would recuperate there as he needs medication for pain, swelling and eye ointment three times a day. He also needs to wear a face mask to protect his eye from sun and flies. He will need to wear a mask like sun glasses always in the sun as his eyes lack pigmetation around the eye. In the future when his eye heals he will need to get tattooed eye liner to prevent further sun damage. Hopefully we caught this in time. Both Dr. Hammond and Dr. Rice are optimistic. How something so small could become so serious so soon. Word to wise--- Pale faced horses need to wear sun protection over their eyes in this bright Colorado sun. Thank you to Dr Hammond and his staff at the Eye Clinic and to Dr. Rice for arranging this surgery. Thank you to Teri Allen for royal transportation and healing care at Terolyn!!!!!! Hopefully Dealer will return this weekend.