Friday, July 24, 2020

Fund Raiser for Dealer,s eye surgery

          Current picture, Lynda telling Dealer it will be OK.  Llama Elizabeth also checks up on Dealer.
Current picture showing the tumor growth in lower portion of left eye.  Yellow is residue from evaluation at CSU.
                                  Older picture of Dr. Wotman welcoming Dealer to CSU.
                                Older picture of Dr. Wotman taking cell sample of Dealer.s eye
            Older picture Dr. Wotman taking in-depth look at eye and teaching Veterinary students.
Older picture of Collecting information 

Yesterday Teri (Terolyn Horse Rescue) transported Dealer to Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital to have his eye rechecked.  We have been working with a wonderful team from the CSU Ophthalmology Department: Katherine Wotman DVM, Brittany Martabano DVM, and Sami Pederson DVM.  They have been great.  Yesterday due to Covid 19 protocol we could not go with Dealer into the hospital for a recheck.  The last pictures shared are from a visit last year.  After evaluation and team consultation it was determined that it is best for Dealer to have a surgery to remove the tumor from his left eye and hopefully save his eye and vision.  This will be scheduled as soon as the Covid restrictions allow.  Until then our focus is to fundraise to cover expenses estimated to be about $2000.  We will keep you posted!

Dealer Eye surgery

Dealer was transported to Colorado State University by Terolyn "Teri" "Horse rescue LLC." for a check up on a squamous cell carcinoma tumor in his left eye. Dr. Wotman and her team determined that the best and necessary treatment needs to be surgery to remove the tumor and hopefully help Dealer keep his eye. It is estimated cost will be about $2,000 to get the surgery. The surgery will be scheduled as soon as the Covid-19 protocol allows. Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals is starting a fund raiser.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hello Sam and BIll!!!

                 These two new beautiful boys are from Elizabeth, brought to us by Cathy!
They survived a mountain lion attack while sadly, three of their friends did not.

We are just happy we can help give a safe and happy home, with lots of other friends!!!

Thanks to our volunteers we removed 20 Russian Olive Trees! Shane also helped with mulching the tree stumps, Thank You!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Quality Landscape & Soil Products helped give us a new look!

Quality Landscape & Soil Products helped our farm to look new again! They were friendly, professional and helped us go a long way!!! Thank you !

And thank you again to our volunteers!

Thank You Jim and Linda!!!

Jim and Linda donated two beautiful goats! Also, they helped give Frankie a bath! We really appreciate the support!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Just Serve youth Project

 Just Serve is a LDS group of wonderful young people who choose a project to help some community organizations.  They were not deterred by this BIG pile of gravel that needed to be spread!!!!
 After all the gravel was spread they still had enough energy to walk the animals.
 Everyone chooses an animal to walk
 All work done.!!!!  Popsicles, doughnuts, and water  to celebrate a job well done.  Thank you Just Serve Youth!!!!!

Eagle Scout candidate Camden comes to Edwards Foundation to get information on projects.

                               We look forward to finding out what project he chooses.

Cart Fun

           Spencer tries out his Eagle Scout project cart with a little help from safety-man Richard.
                                                                     These ladies approve.

                            Spencer's project gets an A plus rating!  All approve.

Spencer completes his Eagle Scout Project

                                     Bill the goat gets ready for his new job of pulling a cart.
 Spencer, the Eagle Scout candidate, checks the weight distribution and "pull ability" of this beautiful blue cart he designed and made as part of his Eagle scout project.  Hercules wonders if he needs some help.

Second part of Spencer's project was finding and painting big spools as part of the goat's play area.
Thank you Spencer for choosing The Edwards Foundation for your project!

Friday, July 10, 2020

New kids on the block

Meet Ace and Rowdy.  They came to us from New Mexico.  What a long trip they had.  On these hot days they find shade to stay cool.  Come visit and take them for a walk in the early morning between 8 and 10.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

4th of July

What a wonderful crew came to help Celebrate the 4th of July.
Mia, Richard, Sam Ac, Lynda, Roxanne and a family celebrating Ciara's Birthday!!. Mom Amber, dad Matt (aka Hercules) and sister Cheyenne.
What a grand Day!!!