Monday, December 30, 2013

Jason Scott Super Foods Hay

The year is not over yet.  This is Jason.  He brought to us a load of beautiful hay at a beautiful price.  Our volunteers Ken and Nick worked all Sunday morning to get our hay shed ready for our hay.  Jason and his dad did not arrive until almost dark Sunday evening.  Volunteer Joan met them on the road and directed them in.  They started their trip from Montrose at 2 am.  This unexpected storm caused icy roads and the ice build-up on the tires caused two tires to blow out.  They finally made it here safely and got the hay unloaded and stacked and still had energy and good spirit enough to smile for this picture.  They are called Super Foods and specialize in NON-GMO and organic feeds and supplements.   The animals love this hay.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Years To All!

May all of you have a happy and safe New Years Eve!

From all of us animals at The Edwards Foundation! (Lynda included)

Thank you so much for all of you help and support over the last year and may 2014 be an even more bountiful year for you all.

And so no one worries, Lynda will be out of commission for a couple weeks due to knee surgery and will be back and posting as soon as she can ride her skate board again.

Here's Chuck and Molly coming home from their pedicure. That's Joan, My co-pilot helping me out.
This is Toby getting his hooves cleaned and trimmed. We thought he may have been going lame, but Terri came out last week and found a rock in his hoof. Aaron Craigie, the farrier came out and cleaned and trimmed his hooves.  He is walking well again and as a reminder, horses need to have their hooves checked and cleaned on a regular basis to make sure they don't get thrush.

Here's Chuck the Zebu. He's getting ready for his pedicure. He's gently laid on his side so Eddie can work on his hoofs to keep him walking tall.
We has haven't seen Chuck this relaxed in a long time. Must be looking forward to his pedicure.
This is Eddie. He specializes in tending to cows hooves in his spare time. You can find him and his beautiful wife Roberta in Buyers, running his feed and tack store, Buyers America. Stop by and say hi if you're in town.
This is Neil and Linda. They are two very special volunteers that help me out all the time. They gave up their Christmas morning to help.

Thank you so much!
This is Laura and Roxanne pampering Aspen, cleaning her ears. Long eared dogs need special attention with their ears. They can develop yeast infections if they are moist. So please keep an eye your dogs so they stay in good health.

Laura has her application in to several veterinary schools.

Sports Authority Execcutives Donation

This is Grace. She and her family just moved out here from Virginia. Her dad works for Sports Authority and got to chose a recipient for their donation fund. Their whole family has been volunteering at the foundation. It was a true gift when Grace arrived with enough money to cover the fees from the auction to rescue the two yearlings. (See previous blog)

We are so appreciative to have them help out as much as they do.

Thank you so much Grace and your family!

Ponies Rescued From Auction

In mid December, The Edwards Foundation joined with Terolyn Ranch to go to a live stock auction held in Ft Collins Colorado. A plea had been extended to attend this auction to get a Morgan mare. A lady in Texas had offered to adopt her if we could save her from being sold at auction to be sent to slaughter. When we arrived at about 10 in the morning, we discovered that the mare was not there. After sitting through a day of auctions of other animals, the horses were brought out to be auctioned on a price per pound basis. All the horses, young, old sick and healthy were being sold to be slaughtered for food. 

After feeling disgust for the killer buyers I felt even more disgust for the owners who brought their horses to be auctioned; Some too crippled to make the trip to Canada and Mexico. Some too young or small to survive. These proud owners submitted papers telling the registration and breeding. Like that mattered. There was even a beautiful black stallion right out of the pages of Marguerite Henry's book. All gone. Loaded in the dark for transport to Canada and Mexico. Good news is that we brought home two yearlings (one a mini).

Both horses were taken to Terolyn Ranch for quarantine and then will available to be loved on and adopted.

Thank you so much for your help Terri, Callea and Denise! You three were absolutely wonderful!

Thank you everyone for the generous donations and help from all our facebook friends and followers!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Computer Technician

Chris came by to make sure everything was functioning correctly. He has the patience of Job and the skills of Einstein.If you have any computer issues, Chris would be glad to help out. Contact is 405-313-9826
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A wonderful visit from scout troop 3942.

 These wonderful scouts came around to help clean up at the Edwards Foundation. Not only
did they help with chores, but they brought beautiful bales of good grass hay for the animals.
 They helped with a pumpkin chunkin event, all the animals really liked this.
 They spent time loving and brushing all of the animals here they give Toby a special grooming.
 Time went too quickly and these scouts did not get to walk llamas, I hope they will all return to work with the llamas. Molly and Bucky bid a fond farewell to everyone and looked forward to seeing them again. Thank you scout troop 3942

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving-- Bringing in the sheaves. Bringing in the sheaves! We are all rejoicing!

Tagawa's Garden Center donated pumpkins and corn sheaves for our animals.
 Michelle, Jere, and Rose from Tagawa's watch as our volunteers from Caring Community load pumpkins and sheaves. Our wonderful volunteers are Lisa, Chance, and Jamie help load.

More volunteers Jeremy and Robert help tie down the load.
 Load looks secure, Jamie, Robert, Lisa, and Chance say we are ready to head out.
Tyler supervises the unloading. A job well done, the animals say thank you.

Spots before our eyes again.

 Oh my goodness, spots before our eyes as the pony Freckles has returned.
 Sadly, Amy and her friend found it necessary to return Freckles, because his previous owners caused him to be terrified of anyone on his back. Amy gave it a good effort, but it was determined that this pony would be better suitable as a driving pony.
Yay! Someone has already adopted Freckles. We will post pictures of him and his new home soon.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New goat Angel arrives at Edwards Foundation

 Meet Angel.  He is new to the Edwards Rescue.  He got his name because he has a white halo on his head and angel wings on his sides.
Here Ghana welcomes him to the herd.  Come around and meet him. He is very sweet.

Caring community Part 2

 Our helpers from Care and Community take a minute to enjoy this beautiful fall day.  They work really hard taking care of the animals and cleaning stalls.
The animals say thank you to John for bringing these good helpers to us.  The helpers are Lisa, Dan, Jeremy & Chance,

Brandon's Eagle project Part 2

 The hale and hearty from Brandon's Eagle scout project took on the job of leveling stall mats by adding gravel.  This job was really stinky and hard.
They had to rake the gravel smooth, sprinkle with sweet peez to remove some of the odor.  One scout even had to do washing in the horse tub when he was done.  The animals say thank you for our clean level stalls

Brandon completes his Eagle Scout project

 Brandon choose to construct shelters for the goats as part of his Eagle Scout project.  He arrived with his crew of scouts early Saturday morning.
 It took lots of team work as the shelters were strong and heavy.
Tall, strong vertical support from a scout.
 Brandon did a good job of assigning tasks and keeping his crew safe.

 It took a lot of strength to get the shelter airborne and over the fence for one of the goat pens.
 It took a lot of engineering skill and teamwork to get the shelter in place.
Pancake loves her new home.  Thank you Brandon and scouts from troop 280

Care & Community Fall helpers

The great volunteers from Care & Community come often to help.  We sure appreciate all they do.

Tagawa's donates pumpkins to our animals

 Volunteers do bowling for pumpkins to get the truck loaded from Tagawa's generous donation from leftover Halloween pumpkins.
 Neil discovers the use of a ramp makes the pumpkins roll go faster.
Ken checks that the pumpkins are loaded properly.
 Joan catches pumpkins and lines them up in the bed of the truck.
 Loaded and ready to roll.
The animals are happy to have their annual treat.  Thank you Tagawa's!

Birthday Party

 What a day for a birthday party.  Hanna greets the birthday girl and her two friends.
 The girls get acquainted with the animals and help with chores.  The animals really liked the fancy cowgirl hats.
 Volunteer Ian helps the girls get to know the llamas.
 All returned safely from the field to enjoy a birthday cheesecake made by Ian to help celebrate.
Even mom and dad joined in the celebration.  A BIG Happy Birthday - glad you came to Edwards to celebrate

Jack's Eagle Scout Project

 Scouts from troop 280 came around to help paint the barn as part of Jack's Eagle Scout project.
To help with this project, Jack's dad came from Florida, his mom provided food and his uncle helped supervise.  The weather was great and the scouts did a good job.