Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ponies Rescued From Auction

In mid December, The Edwards Foundation joined with Terolyn Ranch to go to a live stock auction held in Ft Collins Colorado. A plea had been extended to attend this auction to get a Morgan mare. A lady in Texas had offered to adopt her if we could save her from being sold at auction to be sent to slaughter. When we arrived at about 10 in the morning, we discovered that the mare was not there. After sitting through a day of auctions of other animals, the horses were brought out to be auctioned on a price per pound basis. All the horses, young, old sick and healthy were being sold to be slaughtered for food. 

After feeling disgust for the killer buyers I felt even more disgust for the owners who brought their horses to be auctioned; Some too crippled to make the trip to Canada and Mexico. Some too young or small to survive. These proud owners submitted papers telling the registration and breeding. Like that mattered. There was even a beautiful black stallion right out of the pages of Marguerite Henry's book. All gone. Loaded in the dark for transport to Canada and Mexico. Good news is that we brought home two yearlings (one a mini).

Both horses were taken to Terolyn Ranch for quarantine and then will available to be loved on and adopted.

Thank you so much for your help Terri, Callea and Denise! You three were absolutely wonderful!

Thank you everyone for the generous donations and help from all our facebook friends and followers!

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