Monday, May 23, 2016

The Edwards Foundation welcomed two wonderful new ducks to the family! The ducks names are Darkwing and Max.

Getting familiar and comfortable with their new home and new friends! They have so much fun swimming and walking around their new home!

We love to see animals find a new hope, live a safe and long life! Be apart of this change! Come visit the ducks!!

Girls, Cookies, Great help!! Troop 61226

These wonderful  Girl Scouts came around to help with chores.  They cleaned stalls, fed the animals and gave lots of TLC to all.  They went on a walk with the animals and then came back and gave more loving to the dogs!!  What a great group.
These scouts donated all of the cookies that they did not get sold to us.  We have already earned $75 towards our hay purchase from these delicious cookies.  Come visit and pick up a box!

Molly the Zebu loves to get some extra attention!  

Gathering eggs right from the nest! 

A kiss from Elizabeth!

Stage stop Nathan Detroit gets a little treat!

Bandit enjoying a walk in the forest!

Of course there is always poo to be scooped!!

Special thank you to troop leader Tiffany for arranging this wonderful adventure! All of the animals loved being spoiled by your girls! Come back to visit soon!!

Core Knowledge Visits

 Field trip for both the animals and the students from Core Knowledge.
 After feeding the animals and cleaning the stalls students head out for a field trip
 First stop is for Toby to check out the new green grass
 Both Starbucks and Goldie agree the green grass is tasty
 After a grass snack the group heads out on an adventure

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Oppenheimer Funds Volunteer Expo

 Volunteer Jay greets Oppenheimer employees and answers questions about volunteer opportunities.
 Oppenheimer ran a slide presentation during the open house showing their volunteers helping at non-profits.
 This brought back fond memories of a good time.
 All had a good, productive day.
Many of this crew stopped to say hello.
We hope to see many helpers from Oppenheimer Funds in the near future

Request to help Terolyn Horse Rescue save this big from the kill pen.

We are requesting help for Terolyn in raising funds to save this 16 hand gelding from the kill pen.  You can follow the fund raising progress on Terolyn Horse Rescue web site.  All contributions are tax deductible for this 501-3c rescue.