Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Duck Daffy

Our wonderful neighbor found this big fellow on the road.  She stopped traffic and had two ladies who also stopped, help her catch him.  He appears unhurt but with clipped wings he would not last long on his own.  This is helper Lisa.  She made friends with him and we will call him Daffy as long as he is here.

Daffy is returned home.  He belonged to one of our neighbors.  He was to glad to go home where he has a dozen other duck friends.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Toby in a "selfie" with Laura

This is Toby and wonderful volunteer Laura.  They have matching smiles.  Could it be because Laura has been accepted to Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine.  Congratulations!!

Dr. Eileen Hackett and her team from Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Starbucks the cryptorchid got fixed. Starbucks is a miniature horse, and is full grown at 227 pounds! He was quite the little pistol, but will hopefully start to calm down now. 

Laura, one of our volunteers, comforting Starbucks while waiting for the surgery to begin. 

Hayley, the 4th year vet student, and two veterinary nurses prepare Starbucks for surgery by placing a catheter in his neck.

Dr. Hackett, Hayley, and the anesthesiologist during surgery.

Dr. Hackett fixing Starbucks.

Hayley telling Starbucks good bye as he gets ready to load in the trailer and head home!

Thank you to the CSU CVM staff for donating their services and working on our dear miniature horse, Starbucks. 

James and Parents Visit

Nice to have a visit from a wonderful volunteer James.  He brought his parents over to meet us and to see where James spends every Tuesday and Thursday cleaning stalls and loving on the animals.  he introduced his parents Pat and Rita to Sam

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Care and Community Troopers

These are the wonderful folks from Care and Community.  Neither rain nor sleet nor freezing  snow can keep them from coming here every Tuesday and Thursday to clean stalls and give TLC to the animals.  Thank you for being so dependable!  Thanks to John, Jamie, Robert, Jeremy, Chance, Jack and Lisa..

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dr. Rice Checks Starbucks

 This is Starbucks.  His friend Andy gives him some loving.  He is one of the minis rescued from the Centennial Auction house in Ft Collin.  He is a cryptorchid and had a hurt eye..
Dr. Rice checks his eye and says it is "looking good".  Next we will request help from CSU Veterinary teaching hospital for surgery.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sad news...

This is our little burro Brown Sugar.. she came to us with her best friend Hannah, they were the best of friends.. in recent months they were able to relax and bond with the volunteers, especially Jeff!! Saturday was such a good day for her, loving on the volunteers. Sadly, that night she passed and she will be greatly missed!! We are watching Hannah during her grieving period to make sure she is healthy and safe. In the spring we will have a plaque and ceremony to honor her time here. Thanks to all that gave her such TLC!

Sugar Gliders adopted!

 These are our little exotic who have found a home with a wonderful family. They have researched the proper care and feeding of these cute little ones.
 This is Trent and he has the full support of his family of the care and feeding of these little marsupials!
He will call the three little girls Einy, Meiny and Miny... (Mo, is already at home and is a lizard)


Jacque and Keegan are taking Coq-au-tres home for a playdate!

Millie says thanks to Jacque!

Our wonderful volunteers to walk the animals while Lynda was not able to get to the barn. THANKS!!

Pancake approves the new delivery of alfalfa!!

We were able to get in a BIG BALE of alfalfa mix to help the animals stay warm through the cold spells. Rachel picked it up and Jeff and Ken were able to pick up the 900lb bale by themselves. Pancake approved!

2014 Wonderful Helpers

While Lynda was rehabilitating her knee, Neil and Linda came around often and they were helped by Ken and his daughter, Laura. A BIG THANK YOU TO THEM!!!!!!