Friday, June 27, 2014

Stormy and Toby Become Good Friends

Toby and Stormy have become good friends. Good friends come in small packages!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Llama Shear

Tristan and Judy shearing the llama.  Judy does mobile llama shearing with routine vaccinations and pedicures.  She owns Rockwood Llamas in Kiowa and has several national grand champions.  You can reach  her at
Matt, Ken, and Tristan help Judy get Millie ready for shearing.

Ken talks sweet talk to Millie.

Pedicure time.

Tristan displays the pelt.

Tristan gets ready to bag more fiber.

Matt and Ken help secure Nathan for shearing

Thanks to all for a successful shearing day!

Stormy and Bandit

Ken and Callie help Bandit and Stormy pose for a picture.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Come and Meet Yuki!

Yuki, which means snowflake in Japanese, is 1.5 years old. She is litter box trained, gets along with cats and dogs, and enjoys being around children. She is mellow tempered, very sweet, and is on the small side for her age. Come and give her some love!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stormy gets a hoof trim Toby gets a check-up

Farrier Tyler Skiba came to meet Stormy and trim his feet.
Stormy was a perfect gentleman.  Of course his best friend Bandit had to supervise.
Volunteer Cathy holds Toby while Tyler trims and evaluates the progress of healing to the sole and the inter-connected lamina (the white line is becoming more narrow).  Yea!  Thanks to the teamwork of our vets, Tyler, our dedicated volunteers and a diet restricted to grass hay it looks like Toby is almost back to good health.  Too much of a good thing like green grass, grain and alfalfa hay is NOT a good thing for a pony.

Jacob's Eagle Scout Project

                     Jacob arrives to greet the animals and get everything set for the work crew.
                                         Supplies arrive.
                                         Work begins on stairs.
                                           Paint added to feeder.
More paint added.

                                                               Almost finished.
                              Stairs and ramp completed.  The goats will have a good time on this!
Mini stadium seating gets a new coat of paint.
The chickens, ducks, and turkeys have a new arctic-entry so all the fowl can enjoy the outside sunshine.
Thank you Jacob and crew:Mike, Anna, Jeff, Ian, Shauna, Bill, Joyce, Ed and of course Carol.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Gift of Grace

This is Grace.  She moved here from Virginia and we are so glad she found us and become a volunteer here. She loves animals and all the animals love her. She even brought her parents here to help. On her birthday she presented our Foundation with a check for over $550.  She raised this money through a web site called Go Fund Me. She is an incredible young lady. How many teens would choose to give rather than to receive on their birthday?  Thank You Grace!!!!! We can now place an order for hay. 
Grace has also visited Terolyn Farms and made friends with this beautiful 24 year old Hanoverian named Emma.  Emma's owner, Christine,  has said Grace is always welcome to visit and give TLC to Emma.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cow trim

Eddie Roth from Byer's America "Feed Store and so much more" took time for Chuck and Molly. Thanks to Terry from Terolyn Farms and Ken Nelson, we were able to get Prince Charles aka Chuck and Molly out to Byers for their semi-annual hoof trim. This was also an opportunity to get Chuck's horn trimmed.  Eddie had to use a hack saw to get through  the tough horn material.  When you visit you can look at the removed  horn piece and see if you can tell that is not a rock.