Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pine tree goats!

 Elizabeth is looking for the pine tree!
 Few of many lovely goats eating the pine tree
 Amanda and the goats playing outside with the pine tree
Four goats getting a little snack!

Meet our new friends!

Bandit is always looking sideways because he is always looking for food

Bubblegum- likes to pose for his pictures.

 Ziggy- So curious when it comes to new people! Come and meet him!!
 Baby Newt- thinks he has a Christmas present because hes eating pine needles
He also likes to pose for the camera! Please come meet our new friends

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pygmy Goats from Elizabeth!

This is Boo-Boo and Oreo. They are new to the Edward's farm. They will be ambassadors of good will next month when we visit the Rolling Hills Elementary student council. All of our volunteers love these little guys, come visit and see how sweet they are

North Carolina visitors!

This summer a wonderful family from north Carolina took time while on a Colorado vacation to visit us! They sang a song about lamas, and we hope they will come back next year to give extra TLC and sing to the animals again. The beautiful girl with glasses is Olivia Hansen and is twelve years old, the other young beautiful girl is abbey Shapiro and is thirteen years old, Olivia's sister who is not in the pictures or video is London Hansen and is nine years old 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Marley, Ziggy, and Newt!

These wonderful goats were brought to us today by Dina and Bill Olofson. From left to right is Marley, Ziggy, and Newt. We are so very happy about our new additions to the Edwards Animals' family!