Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cocoa's Farewell

This is a picture from last year when Dr. Dave was giving a chiropractic adjustment to Cocoa.  She was a little goat injured in the Hayman fire and placed here.  Hard to believe that was more than ten years ago, and we have the same scary fires here again this spring.  Also this spring Cocoa went downhill very rapidly and a decision was made to euthanize her.  She was very ready to go to greener pastures in the sky.  Dr. Lee Mueller gently helped her on her way.  She will be missed.

Squirrely Times

This is Sparky the squirrel! He likes to be a nuisance and rob the bird feeders as well as pick up chicks... baby birds that is.

This is volunteer, Roxanne. She took Sparky on a car ride out to the country-side (which he went nuts for) and set him free... hopefully he won't come back here!

Volunteer, Ms Diane's, birthday was celebrated with delicious blueberry muffins, but Sparky declined his invitation to the party.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Philip and Isabella

These two wonderful kids gave up part of their summer vacation to help with chores and there was lots to do!!!  You too could be part of a work crew.  Come check us out.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

They say, "Never look a gift horse in its mouth!"

 This is Dr. Dale Rice and his assistant Mr. Kim.  Three weeks ago he removed a BIG tooth from the roof of Dealer's mouth.

Dr. Rice uses a speculum type apparatus and a light to see into Dealer's mouth to check on the healing progress.
 Volunteer Philip gets to look in Dealer's mouth.
 Volunteer Mike from Care and Community gets to look in Dealer's mouth.
 Volunteer Jeremy from Care and Community gets to look in Dealer's mouth.
 Volunteer Chance from Care and Community gets to look in Dealer's mouth.
Volunteer Jamie from Care and Community gets to look in Dealer's mouth.
All agreed that Dealer's mouth is healing very well and that Dr. Rice is the best vet ever.  He even took time to let everyone hear Dealer's heart beat and then their own with his stethoscope.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Berm Repair

Elder Erickson and Elder Natter repairing the Berm.

Sheep Sheer

 Here is Lamborghini, and he is itching to get out of his winter coat!
 This is Diane, and she found a cool spot to help take of Lamborghini's heavy winter coat.
 Laura came to help Diane the first day.
 Elder Natter came to help on the second day.
 Elder Ericson and Elder Natter came to help the third day.
A good end to a week-long project. Everyone is happy!

Funny Molly

This is an optical illusion! A picture of the horns that Molly whishes she has!

Llama Shear

Memorial Day Weekend and time for annual llama haircuts. Judy from
Rockwood Llamas brings her special chute for sheering. Diane, Harley, Fast Eddie and Togo supervise.   
Nathan and Millie greet Judy

Judy greets Millie or viseversa

Harley's job is to keep Millie occupied

KC takes Millie for a walk to show off her new hair cut

Now it's Nathan's turn for Judy to give him a hair cut. When Judy comes she gives them a health check-up, annual shots, and a toe nail trim.

All done and ready to go. Fast Eddie gives a send off!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chuck and Molly go to Summer pasture at Terolyn Farm

Volunteers Jeff and Laura help with the transport
 Teri of Terolyn welcomes Molly
 The Zebus waste no time in heading to pasture
The horses line up to welcome the pair

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mother's Day Out Visits

 What a wonderful group of mothers and well behaved children. 
The animals loved all the special attention and this group made a very generous donation to our foundation. 

Cow Hoof Trim

Once a year the Zebus need a hoof trim before they go to pasture at Terolyn Farms.  They just celebrated their 17th birthday.
 Eddie Roth of Byers has been trimming Chuck and Molly's feet for a long time  He is the only one we know with a cow table willing to trim them.  Volunteer Rob talks to Molly while Eddie trims.
 Here is the completed pedicure for one of Molly's feet.
 After Chuck's feet are trimmed Eddie trims a horn that is growing too close to Chuck's face.

Chuck and Molly are ready to head to pasture.  Thank you Eddie.  Thank you Rob!

900# divided by 4

Today we had to move a 900 pound bale of hay from the hay shed to the barn.  How???
 Team work!!! From left to right Elder Bankhead, College student Riley, High school student Jessica, and Elder Natter.  Of course the goats offered their help.
 View from the top.  Each moved 225# of hay and that equals synergy!
Each must have had their Wheaties!  They were super strong.  Thank You!

Animals get a walk in the park.

What a great surprise!  A walk in the park and green grass!
Llama Millie and Elder Bankhead.
 Pygmy Nigerian goats Bucky and Polly and Vicki Way and Jennie.
 Horse Goldie and Jessica.
 Llama Nathan and Elder Natter.
Mini ponyToby and Diane.  Thanks to everyone who gave the animals such a treat!

Bagheera and Lady in wonderful home

We have waited a long time for the perfect family to come along with hearts big enough to adopt both Lady and Bagheera.  It is hard to find families for adult cats.  Most everyone wants a kitten.  Deneen and her daughter Rachel had been here as volunteers and met these two wonderful cats.  When they decided to bring a cat into their family they visited with Lady.  Bagheera could not be found as he is timid.  Lady felt right at home and made herself comfortable on Rachel's bed.
Bagheera took several days to accept his new home.  As you can see with all the TLC he is at home now. 

Dr. Rice does dental visit.

Dealer came to the Edwards with this tooth problem.  Due to some trauma a top molar had been moved to the roof of his mouth.  It would have required extensive surgery to remove it.  Dealer's last surgery to remove squamous cell cancer in his eyelid happened a year ago and was funded in part by Pine Lane Elementary school children with their fund raiser called Dollars for Dealer.  This time when Dr. Rice came to do a routine teeth float visit he found this tooth to be loose.  We have the incredible tooth here in case anyone is interested in seeing what was causing Dealer's problem.
This extraction was still serious.  It required follow up pain medicine and antibiotics.  Dr. Rice even had to use a specialized and new extractor.  This is looking right into Dealer's mouth.

Kim, Dr. Rice's assistant waits with Goldie for her turn.  Goldie is 24 and had two loose teeth removed.  She dropped in weight so our focus now is to get her weight back.  Our main volunteer Diane makes sure to get her out to fresh grass each day.  Come visit and help take Goldie to grass.

Marlon Brando baby goat finds forever home

 This tiny goat came to us us from the Denver area.  He was so little that his safety was a concern.  Lucky for us a wonderful lady named Stacy invited him to come live with her and her two tiny goats.  They get fenced pasture by day and a cool / warm / safe barn at night.  He has been renamed Frosty as his hair coat has frosted highlights on the ends.