Sunday, June 28, 2015

Teeth floating time!

Dr. Dunbar from Littleton Large Animal Clinic came out with her team of assistants- Cassie and Allison.  
 Goldie is slightly sedated so Allison and Dr. Dunbar can check her teeth for sharp edges and any other problems that might interfere with her being able to grind up her food!
 Cassie and Dr. Dunbar found a sharp edge causing an ulcer in Goldie's mouth.  They were able to file off the sharp (hook) and give her a good grinding surface again!
 Next, Dr. Dunbar and Assistant Allison check Dealer's teeth and especially the molar that is u-unaligned due to unknown causes.
They were able to smooth his teeth. Thank you, Dr. Dunbar and your team.  Dealer and Goldie are very grateful to you!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Midnight gets an herbal shampoo

This is our old burro Midnight.  His mother came from the China Lakes Naval base in California.  30 years ago the BLM rounded wild burros up and dispersed them around the country.  He was born here at midnight.  He stays at Terolyn Farms and keeps yearlings company and is a companion friend to all those in need of a friend.  This year has been hard on him.  He got lice from wild birds that used his back as a roost.  Then he injured his neck trying to rub them off.  Then he got a lice treatment.  Then he had his coat shaved.  He is so much better now.  The lice are gone but he has rough places on his coat.  Lynda and Ryann gave him a healing body rinse with an Absorbine product called Botanicals.  An aroma therapy application containing Rosemary, lavendar, andpeppermint oils and aloe Vera Juice.  He smells and feels so good!  Thank you Teri and Ryann for taking such good care of him.  A special fly sheet is being ordered for him.

Veterinary Behavior Consultations of Colorado

These veterinary behavior consultants use the learning theory, ethology and their medical training to help address Pancake's aggressive behavior. Pancake is waiting for them on her target station.

 Doctors Fagen and Christensen use a system of clickers and rewards.
 For this visit, tech Amber comes around to see their progress.
 Pancake is learning to step on and step off her blue target spot on command.
Next visit will be Monday, come around and watch this marvelous training! We thank doctors E'lise and Ariel. They can be contacted at

June Birthdays

Roxanne and Anne came to help celebrate June birthdays.

 Roxanne made a great lemon cake enjoyed by all to celebrate Grace's, Callie's and Ian's June birthdays.
Chef Jon made strawberry and blueberry french toast stuffed with cream cheese. What a celebration!

Grace helps with the shearing

Now that summer is started and finals are over, volunteer Grace has time to come help. Judy shows her how to collect the sheared fiber.

 Grace collects, Judy shears.
 When Millie cushes down, Grace leads her our to try to reload.
 Second time to reload as Callie looks on.
 Now for a toe trim.
Grace loves Millie and vice versa.
Thanks to Alicia, Callie, Roxanne, Ian, Lynda and Claire for all their help on shearing day.

Ian and grandparents come to help

 Ian helps place Millie in the chute.
 Ian feeds Millie treats and walks her out with her beautiful haircut.
Ian's grandparents came to see how he helps us. Here he watches as Nathan gets his annual shots.

Llama shear

Judy Glaser from Rockwood Llamas came out for our annual llama shear event. She brings her chute and she trims toenails, gives yearly vaccinations and a wellness check. This year, Tony and Sue Byrns paid for her visit. Tony and Sue and their kids adopted Jessica and Elizabeth about five years ago. When they moved, Jessica and Elizabeth were returned to us. Thank you Tony and Sue.
Alison came with her two beautiful daughters to watch the event and collect eggs that her kids love. Anne and her mom came to support Grace and make coffee for Lynda.

Nathan and Elizabeth wait for their haircuts.

Lamborghini says "Ha ha I already got my haircut!" 

Cat tower

Volunteer Jackie helps repair a cat tower that was donated to us by a wonderful lady. The cats say "Hooray and thank you!"

Tyler the farmer

Summer is here and granddaughter Amber came to help Tyler trim feet. He said Stormy looks really good and is such a gentleman, and all of the other animals look great too!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Lots of rain Perfect for a lucky duck to get a Forever Home

Two little ducks just swimming in a pond.  it was love at first sight
This lucky duck got adopted to go to a wonderful place. How lucky he is to have such a beautiful new home.