Sunday, June 28, 2015

Teeth floating time!

Dr. Dunbar from Littleton Large Animal Clinic came out with her team of assistants- Cassie and Allison.  
 Goldie is slightly sedated so Allison and Dr. Dunbar can check her teeth for sharp edges and any other problems that might interfere with her being able to grind up her food!
 Cassie and Dr. Dunbar found a sharp edge causing an ulcer in Goldie's mouth.  They were able to file off the sharp (hook) and give her a good grinding surface again!
 Next, Dr. Dunbar and Assistant Allison check Dealer's teeth and especially the molar that is u-unaligned due to unknown causes.
They were able to smooth his teeth. Thank you, Dr. Dunbar and your team.  Dealer and Goldie are very grateful to you!!

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