Thursday, June 18, 2015

Midnight gets an herbal shampoo

This is our old burro Midnight.  His mother came from the China Lakes Naval base in California.  30 years ago the BLM rounded wild burros up and dispersed them around the country.  He was born here at midnight.  He stays at Terolyn Farms and keeps yearlings company and is a companion friend to all those in need of a friend.  This year has been hard on him.  He got lice from wild birds that used his back as a roost.  Then he injured his neck trying to rub them off.  Then he got a lice treatment.  Then he had his coat shaved.  He is so much better now.  The lice are gone but he has rough places on his coat.  Lynda and Ryann gave him a healing body rinse with an Absorbine product called Botanicals.  An aroma therapy application containing Rosemary, lavendar, andpeppermint oils and aloe Vera Juice.  He smells and feels so good!  Thank you Teri and Ryann for taking such good care of him.  A special fly sheet is being ordered for him.

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