Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moving manure!

We could probably be seen from outer space with our design of manure in the field. Thanks to the able help of Adam, the brew master, we were able to work 8 hours and spread most of the summers supply of manure. As you can see, we left some of the precious stuff in a pile so anyone in need of manure for their gardens will be able to help themselves.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Buddy gets a Forever home!

Buddy came to us from Wendy in Cedaredge. Carrie and Deanne came to the Edwards Foundation looking for a pygmy goat to keep their 5 year old female goat company. Her companion goat had died last week and since goats are herd animals they need a friend to stay happy. Buddy will have lots of friends at his new home. He will be joining a pair of alpacas and two horses. He is glad to be getting a forever home before the weather gets too cold.

Turbo pig comes for a visit

This is Juliana. She is an executive intern from Eaglecrest High School. That means that she works in a real job for 1/2 a school year and earns credits and work experience towards her graduation. She chose the Edwards Foundation and Terolyn Farms as the place to get her experience. Here Juliana is making friends with Turbo. He is a potbelly pig that is visiting until his in laws can arrange transportation for him to California. Some Pig!!! as Charlotte would say.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Healing touch

This is Karen. She has been working with our old Dalmatian, Reggie. Reggie has suffered a spinal injury that has caused a disconnect between his brain and his legs. He can walk but does not have a sense of where his back legs are. Karen has been doing some healing therapy with Reggie. He is not in pain. Volunteers have donated carpet remnants so he has better footing on the wood floors.

Winners of the Pet Smart Dog and Cat baskets

All the animals came to congratulate Heidi on her big win! Then Heidi stayed to feed Millie the llama and receive a big kiss from her!

Larry and Heidi came to our fund raiser event at Tagawa's Garden Center. They were the holders of the tickets drawn.
Larry collected his gifts and was just in time to also observe a small herd of deer waiting in the trees to nibble on pumpkins donated to us by Tagawa's garden center. Can you see the deer in the trees?

Tagawa's Holiday Gifts for Pets and their People

Demi and Jackson collect donations. Then they draw names for the gift baskets.

Carol, Lynda and Christine get things set for big day.

Great success at Tagawa's. We made over $300. Most was in $1 donations. THANKS to all our wonderful volunteers who made this such a success. Pet Smart gave us two BIG bags of dog and cat treats and toys. Winners next blog.
Mikaela is a 13 year old artist who made necklaces to help raise money for us.
Lisa made 1000 organic dog treats and says she is DONE baking!!!
Brenda made some beautiful ,wooden, scroll-cut tree ornaments. Thanks to all who worked so hard and thanks to Tagawa's for their hosting of this event.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tagawa Gardens Holiday Gifts for Pets and Their People

This is the Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals main fund raiser for the entire year!!!!

Mark your calendars!! The Tagawa Garden Center will host artisans, crafters and animal rescue groups from all over Colorado to this annual event that just gets bigger and better.

Attention all pets!
Leash up and bring your people
to the fourth annual
November 6 & 7, 2010
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
craft fair and pet event*
*Well-behaved pets welcome on leashes or in carriers (at their owner’s risk)
For more information visit

Many Colorado Animal Rescue Organizations
FREE Admission & Parking
Dancing Dogs performance
Pet pictures with Santa
Kiddy cart rides
Raffle Prizes
A Bake Sale
and MORE!
Shopping with local artisans
Low cost Micro-chipping
Holistic Health for Pets

Tagawa Gardens
7711 S. Parker Rd. Centennial, CO 80016
Cash and Checks will be accepted by vendors throughout this event.

Tina Turkey gets her wish

You may remember that when the Terri O'Hara animal wize communicators were here they got a request from Tina Turkey for water to play in and a boy (turkey).

Her request was granted. Meet Tom Turkey.
He is red, white and blue--all American and glad to be here!!!!

We just received 6 darling Nigerian pygmy goats from the Weir Ranch in Cedaredge.
Two little goats have found forever homes already.
All the animals really love the used Halloween pumpkins. Come visit and bring your camera.