Sunday, February 26, 2017

Big Crew!

 Samantha from Thunder Ridge walks Toby.
 Miss Roxanne gets help to doctor favorite Belgin De Anvers Rooster, Cowboy, with help from volunteers.
 Angalee walks Stage Stop Nathan Detroit.  She and her sister Jaylynn from Thunder Ridge came with their mom Lorien to help with chores.  Jaylynn worked with the new Alpacas, Felix and Diego, to get them used to TLC.
 Dawson and his brother Ashty go to RMSEL and came with mom, Susan, to help with chores.
 Ashty has not been here for a while and Bucky remembered him.
Bucky was happy to have lots of TLC.  Inna and Samantha were working on projects assigned by their Thunder Ridge teacher.   Sophia from RMSEL helped with all the chores.  We were glad to have such good help on such a cold day.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Saturday Volunteers

 Felt like spring and all the animals wanted to go for a walk!!:)
 On the way home Dealer decided to go on an adventure.  :(
 Good thing Lorien was here and knew how to bring him home!!!!
 All home safe and sound.  What an adventure.  We had such a good group of helpers from Parker Core Knowledge:Tatiana, Maggie,Anna,Shima,Megan,Lauren, and Joon.  Lorien and her two daughters, Jaylynn and Angalee.  Then we had our regulars, Michelle and granddaughter Gabby.  Kevin is such a regular and a great help.  Robby was here working  on a Thunder Ridge project.  Brittany from Cherokee Trail was helping before going to her work.  Roxanne and Stephanie are here every weekend to make sure all the chores get done.  Also special Guests Paloma and Dominic Sundown came up from Colorado Springs.  Dominic was able to get the chain for the manure spreader fixed.  We could not do what we do with the help of all the wonderful volunteers.
To top off a wonderful morning, our farrier, Aaron Craigie, was able to make time away from his beautiful wife and beautiful new baby girl to trim Toby's feet.  Thank everyone for your help!!!!!!

Return visits

 John and Mary came back from wonderful travels to trim Fast Eddy's Feet.  They also were given a warm greeting from Valentine who remembered they had helped to splint her broken horn.  Little Newt also came around to greet them!
 Hess Family came to help walk the animals.  This was their first time here.  Paul goes to Sierra and his sister Emily goes to Mammoth Elementary Heights.  Samantha from Thunderidge was working on a school project.  Grace took time out from rehearsals as Belle in the Mountain Vista production of Beauty and the Beast to help walk the animals.
 The ponies Toby, Starbucks and Bandit enjoyed their walk in the woods.  Elizabeth and Grace were  good leaders and helpers to our new volunteers.
 Elizabeth made a return visit.  She is a senior and going to CSU in Pre Vet.  She is also a member of CALF in Castle Rock.  When she first started as a volunteer she was as tall as llama Elizabeth's back.
Then Elizabeth had time for a visit to Terolyn to help pick up a grain order.  She also worked with Ryann and Kolbi to brush horses.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Record breaking temperatures and helpers. Thank you sunshine

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Gabby and her friend walk the llamas.

Displaying IMG_3448.JPG
We had a big outing and took the animals out for a walk because it was 70 degrees. We brushed them and loved on them also.

Friendly, Friendly llamas

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Nathan had to get a break from eating to check us out.

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Millie stopped to pose for a picture for us.

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Elizabeth gave Robby one of our volunteers a kiss.

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Elizabeth loves to let us take a picture.

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Our trio.

A couple of goats

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This is Angel a curious goat, who is interested in our cameras.

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Mudpie, who is one of our many friendly goats.

Birthday Party

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Sweetie celebrates her 11th birthday, they had fun petting the animals, eating cake, and loving on the animals. We were so glad she could come to celebrate with us.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


This dear little goat,Valentine, was born on Valentine's Day.  She came to us with a weakened horn.  We have been working since her arrival to stabalize her horn.  A goat form of communication is head (horn) banging.We tried several different forms of splints: bondo, vetwrap, chopstix, duct tape etc..

 The tip was finally broken completely off. :(

We were able to transport her to Terolyn Farms where our vet Dr. Dale Rice made time for an emergency consult.  It was determined that the best treatment for Valentine was to keep her horn clean and let it heal.
Thank you to Dr. Dale, Volunteer, Kolbi, who helped to load Valentine into back of car for transport and Terolyn for allowing us to interupt a scheduled vet visit.
We look  forward to helping Valentine celebrate her one year birthday this weekend.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Frosty Morning Update

 Starbucks is looking good with the frosted mane.

Stormy posing in his winter best.
 Home sweet home for Fast Eddie.
 Valentine is preparing to celebrate her 1st birthday on Valentine's Day when her bondo cast is supposed to come off.
Valentine with a better shot of her cast.