Sunday, February 19, 2017

Return visits

 John and Mary came back from wonderful travels to trim Fast Eddy's Feet.  They also were given a warm greeting from Valentine who remembered they had helped to splint her broken horn.  Little Newt also came around to greet them!
 Hess Family came to help walk the animals.  This was their first time here.  Paul goes to Sierra and his sister Emily goes to Mammoth Elementary Heights.  Samantha from Thunderidge was working on a school project.  Grace took time out from rehearsals as Belle in the Mountain Vista production of Beauty and the Beast to help walk the animals.
 The ponies Toby, Starbucks and Bandit enjoyed their walk in the woods.  Elizabeth and Grace were  good leaders and helpers to our new volunteers.
 Elizabeth made a return visit.  She is a senior and going to CSU in Pre Vet.  She is also a member of CALF in Castle Rock.  When she first started as a volunteer she was as tall as llama Elizabeth's back.
Then Elizabeth had time for a visit to Terolyn to help pick up a grain order.  She also worked with Ryann and Kolbi to brush horses.

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