Sunday, February 26, 2017

Big Crew!

 Samantha from Thunder Ridge walks Toby.
 Miss Roxanne gets help to doctor favorite Belgin De Anvers Rooster, Cowboy, with help from volunteers.
 Angalee walks Stage Stop Nathan Detroit.  She and her sister Jaylynn from Thunder Ridge came with their mom Lorien to help with chores.  Jaylynn worked with the new Alpacas, Felix and Diego, to get them used to TLC.
 Dawson and his brother Ashty go to RMSEL and came with mom, Susan, to help with chores.
 Ashty has not been here for a while and Bucky remembered him.
Bucky was happy to have lots of TLC.  Inna and Samantha were working on projects assigned by their Thunder Ridge teacher.   Sophia from RMSEL helped with all the chores.  We were glad to have such good help on such a cold day.

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