Wednesday, February 8, 2017


This dear little goat,Valentine, was born on Valentine's Day.  She came to us with a weakened horn.  We have been working since her arrival to stabalize her horn.  A goat form of communication is head (horn) banging.We tried several different forms of splints: bondo, vetwrap, chopstix, duct tape etc..

 The tip was finally broken completely off. :(

We were able to transport her to Terolyn Farms where our vet Dr. Dale Rice made time for an emergency consult.  It was determined that the best treatment for Valentine was to keep her horn clean and let it heal.
Thank you to Dr. Dale, Volunteer, Kolbi, who helped to load Valentine into back of car for transport and Terolyn for allowing us to interupt a scheduled vet visit.
We look  forward to helping Valentine celebrate her one year birthday this weekend.

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