Sunday, October 30, 2022

Barn Crew

                                            Barn Crew

Top of the ladder is Jim Allen from Terolyn Horse Rescue
who organized this endeavor with Mickey's help. 

Mickey in the rafters, too happy for working hard.

Savanna and Ryan giving a scrub to the barn isle way. 
Now off to do their chores at home.

Here is Conrad to help with the crew.

Bryant happy worker.

Zane, scrub harder!!

Mickey painting like a champ.

Steven using miracle paint.

Come and visit our reconditioned barn,
like looking into a bit of heaven.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Barn Update


In hopes to stop pigeons from entering the barn, we had a team of volunteers board up the ceiling. Pigeons are a big inconvenience, they eat the animal feed, make a mess of the entire barn, and could potentially spread diseases and parasites. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who helped to hopefully fix this problem.

Update from Patricia (Adopter of Batman and Robin)


We are excited to hear that our beloved goats are happy at their new home. The goats are adapting well to their new family and are making friends with the other animals. The owners' family friend, Rich, has a seven-year-old who has lovingly nicknamed Batman "Billy", and Robin "Joe". 
Even though they are living in a new home, they have not lost their close friendship with one another. Thank you so much Patricia for keeping us updated!

¡Feliz CumpleaƱos!

 This is our loyal volunteer, Dorothy; she is eating Flan at El Mariachi, celebrating her 85th birthday. We are pleased with the service provided at El Mariachi; they put a smile on the face of our dear friend, who has selflessly volunteered here with her husband, Dan, for over two years. The kind people at El Mariachi even sang a happy birthday song for her. Her celebration is well deserved and we're happy to have been with her during this special occasion.

Kitten Adoption

"Our time with Belle is great! I like how she likes to play with her toys and keep us up at night, even when we have hard times she will be loved. It's the best thing that has ever happened to us."
-Max and Savanna

We are going to miss our little furry friend, but we are so glad to know she is in a safe, loving home. We know that she is going to be happy and bring joy to her new family.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Welcome Home Hercules!


Thank you all for your support, prayers and generous donations for Hercules.

We are happy to report that he has received the "all clear" from Littleton Equine Medical Center (LEMC) and his injured hoof is healing well. 

He is so happy to be home and we are thrilled to have our big boy back. 

Hercules is enjoying all of the extra attention and we love doling it out.

We anticipate additional charges from LEMC and are still in need of donations to cover the expenses. If you would like to contribute to Hercules' veterinary fund, please visit our Facebook page to donate or contact the Foundation directly at 303-841-8338.

Again, our sincere thanks to everyone who has made Hercules recovery possible.

Douglas County Community Foundation Grants Announced

Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals has been named one of the recipients of Douglas County Community Foundation's  (DCCF) Q3 2022 grants for our work to promote mental health and wellness within our community. 

For more than 20 years, Edwards Foundation has provided a place where special needs adults and teenagers, veterans and those needing to fulfill community service requirements have found a safe, welcoming environment. 

Working with animals has long been proven to aid in all types of recovery and foster a feeling of peace and calm. Whether our volunteers and visitors work with the animals directly or assist with general chores, each one is confident in their value to our organization and we are pleased to see many blossom over the course of their time with us. 

Edwards Foundation appreciates the recognition by DCCF for the services we have provided over the years. With the current stressors in our society, mental health issues are more prevalent than ever and we are grateful to be able to offer a safe haven and outlet for those in need.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Hercules's Discharge from Littleton Equine Medical Center.



Thanks to very generous donations, we are able to pay part of Hercules's bill, we still have a couple thousand to go. Come visit Hercules and we appreciate your support.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Little Nail , Big damage


This little nail cause Hercules to be in the hospital for 5 days. We would like to thank the veterinarians at Littleton  Equine Medical Center: Dr. Lynn Pezzanite, Dr. Jackie Hill, Dr. Julie McLaughlin, and Dr. Katy Nelligan. We also like to  thank Teri Allen from Terolyn Horse Rescue for helping bring Hercules home from the vet. And last we would like to thank everyone that donated.

Hercules Update

**** URGENT!!! *****
Hercules is currently at Littleton Equine Medical Center. He stepped on a nail sometime last night. A vet from Littleton came out to take X-rays, but it became apparent that he needed more involved testing. Unfortunately, the X-rays showed that the nail hit his coffin bone. He needs to receive high doses of IV antibiotics as well as a limb perfusion immediately to avoid any spread of infection. We are hoping that no joints are affected. The estimate for his care so far is $4000, in addition to the $600 emergency ranch call. As always, we appreciate your generosity and compassion. We can’t do this without you! To donate for Hercules, click the button on this post. Please keep our big, gentle giant in your thoughts and prayers.
Edwards Foundation For Rescued Animals
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