Saturday, October 22, 2022

Douglas County Community Foundation Grants Announced

Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals has been named one of the recipients of Douglas County Community Foundation's  (DCCF) Q3 2022 grants for our work to promote mental health and wellness within our community. 

For more than 20 years, Edwards Foundation has provided a place where special needs adults and teenagers, veterans and those needing to fulfill community service requirements have found a safe, welcoming environment. 

Working with animals has long been proven to aid in all types of recovery and foster a feeling of peace and calm. Whether our volunteers and visitors work with the animals directly or assist with general chores, each one is confident in their value to our organization and we are pleased to see many blossom over the course of their time with us. 

Edwards Foundation appreciates the recognition by DCCF for the services we have provided over the years. With the current stressors in our society, mental health issues are more prevalent than ever and we are grateful to be able to offer a safe haven and outlet for those in need.

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