Sunday, March 29, 2020

Grain Delivery

Even these three volunteers, Ethan, Cole and Aiden could form a basketball team but on this day they volunteered to pick up and unload out grain order.  Can you see why the get called Tall, Taller and Tallest?:)
Thank you volunteers for helping us get the grain. There were many bags that needed to be carried into the barn. Now the chickens and horses will have plenty of food for a awhile.

Even while helping us here these volunteers follow the social separation rules of 6 feet or one llama space!

Vet Visit for Goldie

Goldie coliced the other day and had to be seen by a vet. Doc Dale, vet tech Shawna, Teri, Ryan, and Josh all came out to help her. Doctor Dale Rice from Three Peaks Vet tubed her, gave her oil, and inspected her.  Goldie is 33 years old and has a hard time chewing hay causing us to feed her 14 pounds of grain a day. Thanks to everyone who helped out in this sunny day, she is doing much better.

Friday, March 20, 2020


Josh, Richard, Tyler, and Evan found this dog after it was found being neglected. He is a 2 year old Shitzu named Benji. We shaved tons of dirty and knotted hair off of him. We bathed him and gave him a full make over.

Care and Community

A group from Care and Community came to help us on Saint Patrick's Day. We thank them for coming out here to help us on this day and celebrate Patty's Day.

Rope Practice

Richard, Josh, Tyler, and Evan learn how to lasso each other. They are practicing the technique in case an animal gets loose.

Dealer Photoshoot


Dealer was letting us ride him for a photo shoot. Dealer is very photogenic.

Animal Walk

 The group goes for a walk under the morning sun. Thanks to the volunteers, Lynda gets to go for a ride on Dealer. Good way to start off Spring.
 The animals enjoyed the long walk

Lynda's Birthday Gift

Sue gives Lynda her early birthday gift of toilet paper and grapefruit. Due to the recent apocalypse from the Corona-virus, this is one of the rarest gifts to receive. Happy Birthday Lynda!!

Jessicas Donation

Thank you Jessica for donating this beautiful shovel and feed for Goldie. The feed will help keep our horse nice and healthy. Jessica is wearing the Edwards Animal hoodie to show appreciation and care for our animals.