Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas from all the Animals

                                       Lynda and Nathan are ready to lead the Christmas parade
                                                  Wrigley has ears ready for his greeting
                                        Carol and Elizabeth exchanging Holiday greetings
         All the volunteers pause to wish everyone a Merry, Peaceful and filled with love day!!!!!!!
                                       And a final reminder Peace on earth and Goodwill to all!!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Hay delivery

 We got a hay delivery on the farm. The bails were 800 pounds each so we had them moved with a tractor. Melissa did a wonderful job working the tractor and unloading the hay into the hay shed.

 The llamas were happy to try out the new hay. They really like it.

All the animals are excited about the hay and are happy to have enough hay for the winter.

Cleaning the duck pond

 Today the volunteers cleaned out the duck pond. This was a job that has been needing done for a long time. Milo shows this young boy how to wash out the duck pond.
The group of volunteers did a wonderful job cleaning the duck pond and the ducks say thank you.

Hello Goats

 The goats are happy after their walk and enjoy walking around the farm.
Cecil in the front, Willow on the left, and Leah beside her walk around. They are enjoying their freedom and vacation out of their round pen they've been living in. These goats are looking for a home and would be a great group to go together. If you or anyone you know wants a group of three goats, we would love for you to come visit them.

Walking during the holidays

 The group of volunteers are ready for their walk. They are festive with hats and bells and the animals are feeling the Christmas spirit.
 Milo is ready to ride Loki into the sunset :) All the goats are excited to go on their Christmas walk.
 The three goats Leah, Willow, and Cecil lead the group.

Milo holds on tight to Loki.
Madeline shows everybody how to tie the ropes after the walk. We thank everyone for their help today and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Care & Community Crew

The Care & Community crew help with holiday spirit!

A Turkey Story

Check out this Search Parker Article!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Animals pose for group photo shoot

The animals made a great team posing for this photo. Ziggy is the blonde goat in the front, Eddie is the big black goat, Bucky is the small blonde goat in the back, and angel is the small brown goat. Nathan the llama watched as everyone took their place.

Snow day help

 We really love all the help we got when the snow came. The volunteers were happy to come out and help on this snowy cold day.
 Everyone helped with cleaning the barn.
 The ducks were happy to have snow and played outside all day.
 The barn looked so great after the team of volunteers cleaned it.
Hailey had fun making snow angels in the deep snow. We thank everyone again for the help.

Dylan's birthday

The volunteers celebrated Dylan's birthday with pie and whipped cream. We have appreciated Dylan's help and were more than glad to help him celebrate.

Visit from Colorado Early College

A wonderful group from Colorado Early Colleges came to help out on the farm. They did a wonderful job on chores and didn't mind walking through the snow to work on the farm. We love when groups come to visit f\the farm and help out.

Goldie looking festive

Volunteer Siobhan was nice enough to give Goldie, our 32 year old horse, a brand new halter and lead. Goldie loves her new halter and lead and will get great use from it.
Siobhan also donated a trash can to put grain in along with the gold lead for Goldie.

Volunteer Laura visits Loki

One of our volunteers Laura visits with new goat Loki. Here at Edwards, we are getting ready for the holidays, and to do so, we have dressed Loki up in his best reindeer costume. He was happy to volunteer to be the festive member of the heard. We and the animals wish every one a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Josh's Christmas present

Carol's husband took some beautiful pictures of Josh riding Goldie. They printed out the pictures and gave them to Josh. We love when volunteers come together and share joy between each other. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Laurie comes to visit

 Laurie is a wonderful lady who is fostering two of our goats for the winter. We thank her so much for taking the goats to a warm home. Josh presents a present to Laurie to say thanks.
 Roxanne and Laurie visit the chickens.
 Roxanne and Josh hang the plaque for our loved cow.
Laurie and Josh hold Eddie in our new squeeze shoot to trim his feet.

Visit from Dr. Vickers

 We had a wonderful vet come out to the farm to help us. Dr. Vickers came out to give one of our ponies a shot, but that wasn't all. He build a squeeze shoot to help with trimming goats. Volunteers Roxanne and Josh help hold Eddie.
Siobhan helps by feeding Eddie and keeping him occupied. We really appreciate what Dr. Vickers has done for us and this will help us a lot.
Vet tech Shawna and Dr. Vickers look at Stormy and meet the new goat Loki.

Animals walk on a cold day

 The wonderful volunteers today took all the animals on a great walk around.
Everyone is ready for Christmas, volunteers and Llamas. The animals wish you a happy holidays.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Loki is looking for a home

We have been contacted by someone looking to re-home a neutered 5 year old goat with high energy who loves to play. We think he looks like a Nigerian. Please contact us if you are interested!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Treats from Tagawa Gardens

Thank you Tagawa Gardens for the pumpkin donation!

  Elizabeth just could not wait for the pumpkins to be unloaded!

  Snack time!

  Our great pumpkin leader :~)

  And thank you to the pumpkin crew!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Park Place Tech

Thank you to Liz who organized the wonderful group from Park Place Tech. They came out to help us out on the farm with painting, cleaning the barn, organizing the wood, fixing the fence, and walking the animals. They got a lot done and we loved the help. The animals are enjoying the new look of the barn.