Monday, October 11, 2010

Rocky Update!!

Rocky is finally feeling better, and is doing great with lead training!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall update

Chuck and Molly have come in from the Terolyn pastures and their heat lamp is up and running.

Reggie has had two visits from Dr. Harper, a certified animal chiropractor, to see if he can regain some more back leg control.

Jenks, the black cat, was taken to Dr Rice to be treated for a cat bite on her hind leg. She is healing well.

Hope filly, and Tyson colt, are growing each day and are great friends. Bailey has adopted Tyson and named him Rocky.

Tina the turkey has regained her strength.

Akia and Suli the, Nubian goats, EmGee the mountain goat and Samantha the llama are with Stan and Pat in their new forever home in Elizabeth.

Jessica and Elizabeth the llamas are with Tony's family, also in Elizabeth.

Dealer the Foxtrotter from Missouri is here and doing well.

Little fuzzy chick is settling into the hen house and growing each day.

The Smith family has adopted the four sister llamas and has renamed each and will update us with a picture and naming ceremony. We are as busy as ants getting ready for winter. A big Thank You to all volunteers who have given so much time and positive energy to help us. Help is always welcomed and needed. Next big event is participation at Tagawa's Holiday Gifts for Pets and their People. November 6th and 7th.