Saturday, June 27, 2020

New Goats

Welcome Sam and Bill, our newest goats. Their owners Cathy and Steve were so kind to place them under our care to help them recover. The rest of their herd were killed in a mountain lion attack, but they managed to rescue these two and gave them lots of care and took time to heal and rehabilitate them.  
Come around and meet them, they are very kind, and gentle. 

Yay for Anna

Our wonderful volunteer Anna is a Graduate from Douglas County High School. She's a future student at the University of Kansas, works a full time job, and still has time to bake us some delicious cupcakes. The cupcakes were in celebration for the first day of summer. Yay, for delicious cupcakes and a beautiful summer !!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Remembering Goldie

One of our amazing volunteer's, Kalyssa, created this beautiful plaque for our late friend, Goldie. Goldie is fondly remembered by everyone. 

Hay Donation

Hay has arrived, specially ordered by Jim and Lynda from Brighton.

Josh helps unloading from the top.

Stack is getting shorter.
Each 60 pound bale was carried and stacked with care into the hay shed

These two volunteers devised a strategy to use team work and they got the job done fabulously.

Everybody works hard to get the hay stacked nicely

Hay is all unloaded and stored. The driver is ready to head back to Brighton. 

This wonderful group of volunteers came by to help unload 160 bales of hay donated by Jim and Linda Wagner, two very awesome people with great big hearts. They are the original owners of Juanita/Juan, Frankie, Kellie, and Oscar.
Thank you !

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Goat walk

Just taking the goats out for a walk.  Each one got a new halter.  We are learning to "heel" :)

How old are you?

Let us know how old you are (in horse years of course) 

Goat help wanted

This is Patrick with his specially designed and hand made  goat cart.

Patrick took the time not only to research but also to take the time to build a fantastic goat cart! Here he double checks the goat size to his cart specifications.

 The goats love their new cart.  They are excited to help out around the farm and have a job to do.

Thanks Patrick!!

#1 Helper

Josh is Lynda's number one helper here on the farm.

Josh has been helping the Edwards Foundation for 4 years . He has been a huge help all these years and now is in charge of just about everything here on the farm.  Except for Lynda!!!  She regularly gives Josh what for!! :)

Josh helps out with the many volunteers, letting them know how they can help, and organizing a chore list.  He is also in charge of overseeing that all of the animals are well taken care of and safe.  In his spare time he ad another volunteer, Evan, have started their own company called Goat Mowing and Services.

Lynda and Josh. 

Next summer when he goes to Oklahoma to farrier school Lynda is definitely going to miss him!

Goat Wash

Jim and Linda placed 4 lucky goats with the Edwards Foundation. They come out (all the way from Brighton) frequently to play and love on them.

 Today is bath day! What a great day to be a goat!!
When getting a bath, goats do prefer warm water.  A special treat that Jim and Linda transport.