Tuesday, June 23, 2020

#1 Helper

Josh is Lynda's number one helper here on the farm.

Josh has been helping the Edwards Foundation for 4 years . He has been a huge help all these years and now is in charge of just about everything here on the farm.  Except for Lynda!!!  She regularly gives Josh what for!! :)

Josh helps out with the many volunteers, letting them know how they can help, and organizing a chore list.  He is also in charge of overseeing that all of the animals are well taken care of and safe.  In his spare time he ad another volunteer, Evan, have started their own company called Goat Mowing and Services. www.Goatmowin.com

Lynda and Josh. 

Next summer when he goes to Oklahoma to farrier school Lynda is definitely going to miss him!

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