Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning Supplies Donated

We had a wonderful benefactor, Jason. He donated all these barn cleaning supplies. We are going to be so Spic and Span!
Other volunteers, Scott and Sam, put up brackets to help us organize.
As you can see we now have enough utensils for all our wonderful volunteers. If you have the urge to get out in the fresh air and help with our chores---come on. We have plenty of cleanup supplies. You can even have a turn with our Cadillac wheelbarrow.
Look at the shine on those shovels. Almost a shame to get them dirty. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Love is certainly in the air at Edwards Animal Shelter...Just in time for Valentine's Day !

Reggie and Sam are Getting Along Fine

Reggie and Sam take time to veg-out and bond....

Time out for Grandson and Basketball

Grandson Mason cheering on his team "The Vipers". Now home to feed the animals.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Hearts Small World --Sam I Am

Big Hearts describe Lisa, Bailey, and Dillon. That is the family that adopted the weak foal Tyson from the Edwards foundation. Then he got better and had to have more surgery. Now he is A OK thanks to this family and especially his special owner Bailey. This family also fosters dogs and cats for the Denver Dumb Friends. Their latest batch was returned this weekends for an adoption telethon. Well, since Ryann and I were reading Green eggs and Ham, watching the telethon, and saw this pup called Sam we know it was karma. When we found out that Lisa, Bailey and Dillon were the foster family we knew it was meant to be. That is a rainbow sunbeam on Sam's back paw. He is blessed!
Sam I Am is smart, playful, friendly, good company, house broken, and full of reciprocated love.

At night he sleeps with his twin reflection or on the big bed. His choice. Only sad news is that as of this morning his brother and sister were still available for adoption. Ant takers???
Small world -big hearts
Also, as this is published Lisa's brother's family is being transported out of Egypt
. Safe trip to them!