Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Yard work at Edwards Animals!!

On Sunday, an amazing team of volunteers descended on the farm and did an unbelievable amount of work in the yard in preparation for the charity Garage Sale that will be held June 12. Jeremy, Dan, and Jennifer mowed all around the property, weed-eated, cleaned out the garage, trimmed the trees, and got the electric fence working. The goats were not very happy about the fence!!

Jeremy vogues with the weed eater.
Jennifer and Millie have a heart to heart.

Dan armed with the chain saw.
Jeremy can mow anywhere!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Llamas get a summer haircut

On Saturday, our llama shearer, Judy Glaser from Rockwood Llamas in Kiowa, and her crew, Tyler and Jolene, arrived to give our llamas their annual summer haircut, toe trim and shots. Our volunteers Lindsy, Ashlee and Teri were here to offer help. Here Judy trims Elizabeth's toes with the help of Jolene.

Judy starts trimming the salad bar--an area where a lot of excess food falls and is stored.

Tyler gives Nathan treats and hopes that if he spits them out he will aim for the target!!!!!

Judith Ann brought her well behaved llama, Polo, in for a trim and inspection by Judy.

Teri helps steady the llama while Lindsy and Ashlee busily gather and bag the fiber.

Lions and Tigers and Bears--Oh My!

On Thursday we took a break from the Edwards Animals and traveled about an hour north to Keensberg and the Wild Animal Sanctuary. We traved with a photographer Carol and our grand kids. We were glad to see that the heavy rain and hail damage in the area had not affected the sanctuary. A worthwhile trip and a worthwhile wild animal rescue center. It was a warm day and we timed our arrival to coincide with the morning meat wagon. On this warmest day of the year the tigers were enjoying their pools. The raised observation deck was a great way to view the animals without invading their space. Our binoculars came in handy to spot the animals in the outlying areas. Picnic on the deck was perfect.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lynda's New Horse!!!

Our newest addition, Pride's Square Deal (Dealer for short), comes to us straight from Missouri. He is a beautiful palomino whose pedigree traces directly back to some of the original Fox Trotters, like Zane Grey and Traveler. He will fit right in with Honey and Goldie, the other palominos. Lynda says that both she and Dealer need to lose a few pounds and get into shape this summer!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ty home from hospital Yea!

You can see the shaved spot on his neck where they had an IV for fluids and antibiotics.
Fancy the mare is so happy to be home with Tyson at Terolyn Farms. Thanks to Makenzie for taking the time to get photos for us. All Tyson's friends call him Ty for short.

Tyson is home now and feelin' Frisky!

Thank Goodness!!! Tyson is still on antibiotics but is up and running around. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped, made a donation, sent well wishes or otherwise kept him in their prayers. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

We think we'll call him Ty for short. We don't want him to try and bite anyone's ear off!

Brownies Day Out

Leader Julie Nelson brought 7 Brownies and their Moms (and even 1 brother!) from Pine Grove Elementary Brownie Troop 695 out to tour the farm. The Brownies learned all about the goats, llamas, chickens and horses. They got to pet a llama, get face to face with the goats, and even see a hen laying on her nest! Then they all had their pictures taken with our resident spokes chicken Coq au Vin, who dutifully posed on arms on shoulders! Come back and see us again soon!!!!

Local artists descend on the farm!! Troop #286

Leaders Susan Baber and Kelly Thompson brought about 12 5th graders from Parker Girl Scout Troop #286 to work on a mural in the barn as a Bronze Project. Susan organized the girls and collected the donated supplies and Kelly did a beautiful artwork layout. All the girls pitched in for the weekend and painted the large sliding doors inside the barn that lead to the feed room. The girls did an amazing job, and a plaque commemorating the project hangs proudly on our one of a kind doors. Congratulations to Susan, Kelly and The Girls for a job well done!

No, we are not a candidate for Horders . . .

We are, however, preparing for a benefit garage sale!! It will be held on Saturday, June 12 from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the Parker location 12858 N. Sierra Circle, Parker. Come hang out with the animals and browse through our unbelievable selection of goods! We will be happy to take your donated items to add to the sale, as well. Now is the time to clean out the garage, the shed, or the spare room! 100% of the proceeds go to benefit the foundation. It is especially helpful if items are already priced when you drop them off. Please contact us if you need to transport any large donation items. We may have a volunteer available that can do pick up. We are not prepared to move pianos or hide-a-beds out of storage or the back corners of your basement, but can pick up items from your driveway. Volunteers are also needed to help on yard sale day. Bring your best sales' pitches!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Molly is on the Moooo-ve!

After a week of Pepto bismol and vitamin B shots, Molly made a full recovery. What a relief! She and Chuck finally got to head out to their spring pasture. They love runnning on the 125 acres at Terolyn Farms in Elbert County. Hopefully the weather will hold and there will be no more snow, because Chuck and Molly are fair weather cows and only like the warm! That is why we bring them to the Parker property for the winter and bask under the heat lamps.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Molly had a heck of a mother's day!

Jim and Teri Allen came from Terolyn Farm to take Chuck and Molly back out to our 135 acre property on Mother's Day. When they arrived we realized that Molly was feeling pretty bad. We called Dr. Mezger who came in from Kiowa to treat her. Molly needed two big syringes of Pepto Bismol and a shot to help the pain in her tummy go away. Imagine having four tummys all upset at once. Poor Girl!
top center pic
Just some of the magic meds for Molly. Not to mention the TLC healing powers of Teri Allen!!!
On Monday morning she was still feeling pretty poorly. So, we called our local vet, Lee Mueller to check on her. He gave her a BIGGER pain shot, a shot of B12, probiotics, mineral oil, and gallon of entrolytes.

pic left
We put Chuck in with her and he groomed her and gave her some nice company and it really lifted her spirits!
pic right
Thankfully, Molly is feeling so much better. Hopefully, next week she'll be back out to pasture.

Those goats LOVE corn!

This was Jack's first visit here. He came with his mom to work with the animals. He found some great company in the field and left mom scooping poop in the barn by herself.

Chick Transport Team

Juli taking chicks from small transport
Justen and Mason feeding Reanne and fav

Behind bars!!!! Coq au vin surveying the new crew

Reanne and Justen getting reaquainted with chick

Ryann helping stragglers while Mason holds the door

We were finally able to move the chicks back to the barn with help from our Chick Transport Team - Reanne, Justen, Juli, Mason, and Ryann. We had to round up that busy bunch of babies as they escaped and gave us all a run for our money. Thank goodness for a little electricity to the brooder out in barn. It won't be long before they join the big birds as they're filling up the brooder nicely.

Our Sweet Vern!

Erin and Vern on a warm winter's day

We lost our sweet Vern on April 4, 2010. He was a Gotleib Pony that came from the Adam's County State Fair. Poor guy, his halter had been left on so long that as he grew it grew into this nose. After we got him feeling healthy and happy, he would just run like crazy. That boy wouldn't stop. He had so much get up and go in him. He broke his leg while running and had to be euthanized. We've burried him out at Terolyn Farm next to Easy and G.W. We miss him badly.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No end to the Dig Dig Dig!

Tessa & Sandy clearing a path to the barn and getting a little help from Coq au Vin.

Girl Scout Troop 1189 Bronze Project

Luan Akin, Tagawa Garden's Garden Ambassador

Troop 1189 Hard at Work Preparing Garden Beds

Leader Terri Newkirk appointed Assistant Margaux Jones to be in charge of the Girl Scouts' gardening project. Margaux then enlisted the support of Tagawa Gardens and their Garden Ambassador Luan Akin. Tagawa Gardens donated a $150 grant for supplies needed for the project. On Tuesday May 4 the crew came out and Luan taught a class on recognizing seeds that would germinate well, would thrive in our Colorado soil (and manure!), and would provide vegetables the animals will enjoy. They spent the rest of the evening preparing the garden beds. They will be back next week (or as soon as the weather cooperates) to continue working.

Parker Fieldhouse Day Camp Visit

Hannah & Sugar and Friends

Goat Wrangling is Hard Work!!!

Samantha & Friends

Food Fight!!!!

It was a blue ribbon day for everyone!!!

26 energetic Parker youths visited and had a mini County Fair. The chaperones were great and the kids were all super well behaved, so good times were had by all! They practiced feeding and grooming the animals, showing them in the arena, leading them through an obstacle course, and each child learned one interesting fact about one of the animals. Everyone was able to earn a blue ribbon for a special skill or talent.

Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig

Boy all this trenching is really a drag! Or is that a dig? Go, Jake, Go! Dig up wires over here, bury them over there. Etc., etc., etc.

Trencher and Supervisor, which is which?

The chicks were in the bathtub because the electricity in the barn went out. We had to uncover the wires coming off the power pole in order to restore the power out in the barn. For this dangerous mission, Jeremy signed on and signed a waiver. Good news!!! It was not a shocking experence . . . he didn't even get his hair curled. Perhaps the reason the job went without a jolt was because of the expert supervision of Dusty the Pygmy goat.

Chicks out of the bathtub, rooster on the loose!

Finally, the chicks have enough feathers that they are out in the brooder in the barn. Thanks to Teri and her magical scrub brush, the italian tile has been cleaned; sorry, no longer for sale! Fowl are still running amuck, though, because we have a new house rooster that seems to think he is a parakeet. We tried to put him out in the barn, but as quick as anything he made a beeline for the house and has been living in the kitchen ever since! Thanks to Lisa and Bryan Morris who donated a palace of a bird cage for him to call home. He is a fantastic alarm clock . . . he begins crowing promptly at 4:30 every morning! Being a banty, his falsetto is a true wake up call! Maybe we should teach him to crow "Reville". Any volunteers? Report 4:30 a.m. sharp!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chicks have flown the, the tub!!!

No, this is not imported Italian tile! These tiles have been espcially designed by our very mobile chicks. Since leaving the tub, they have decided to occupy the whole bathroom. Oh, what a mess!!!

I'm sure you've heard about the elephants and monkeys that paint pictures. Those painting go for thousands of dollars...

Name your price! The tile is yours. :)

We're hoping to have the electricity back to the barn by Saturday. Then the chicks will be back to their brooder..... and I can have my potty back.