Thursday, May 13, 2010

Molly had a heck of a mother's day!

Jim and Teri Allen came from Terolyn Farm to take Chuck and Molly back out to our 135 acre property on Mother's Day. When they arrived we realized that Molly was feeling pretty bad. We called Dr. Mezger who came in from Kiowa to treat her. Molly needed two big syringes of Pepto Bismol and a shot to help the pain in her tummy go away. Imagine having four tummys all upset at once. Poor Girl!
top center pic
Just some of the magic meds for Molly. Not to mention the TLC healing powers of Teri Allen!!!
On Monday morning she was still feeling pretty poorly. So, we called our local vet, Lee Mueller to check on her. He gave her a BIGGER pain shot, a shot of B12, probiotics, mineral oil, and gallon of entrolytes.

pic left
We put Chuck in with her and he groomed her and gave her some nice company and it really lifted her spirits!
pic right
Thankfully, Molly is feeling so much better. Hopefully, next week she'll be back out to pasture.

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