Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dr. Jake

Toby, the lab, has such long heavy ears that he is prone to ear yeast infections. He needs his ears cleaned on a regular basis. This morning Jake did the "doctoring". Toby says THANKS>

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Name that Goat winner!! Callea --- EmmGee

The winning name was submitted by Callea. We have left a message for her to arrange her photo op and claim her Edwards Foundation t-shirt. Word is she may be out and about hunting ghosts or giving tours at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. In the meantime Katie was here to present the new collar and new name to the former "white goat". Thanks to all who submitted such wonderful and creative names. Come visit EmmGee. Most of his cuts are healed and he is getting some meat on his bones.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pedicure for Honey horse

Honey and Goldie got their hooves trimmed. Now it is time to apply lanolin to the coronet band. This will help keep the hoof supple as the hot weather dries everything. The moisture oil is massaged in to the area just above and below where the new hoof is produced. Sandi and Dusty watch to make sure things are done just so. Massaging hands are softened too. Just one of the many benefits of volunteering at the Edwards Foundation!

Parade of llamas and goats

Volunteers ready for parade. Katelan, Chandler, Elizabeth and Ryann ready for a short excursion. Girls day out! Jessica, Elizabeth, Millie, Sandi and Dusty love to get out.
Mid morning snack to sample the tastiest weeds.

Heading home. Too hot to stay out past noon! Thank you volunteers for our outing.

Bella Guinea Pig

Grandaughter Amber agreed to take care of Bella while her owner Sophia was on vacation. Her friend Katie came to visit Bella. Bella loves her time in the grass. She also loves her carrots. She is very gentle.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In memory of Little Pete

On the first day of summer Little Pete passed away due to an impaction colic. In fond memory of this brave little guy and a special friend to Ryann. He is buried at Terolyn next to his friends Beau, Easy and GW. A bush will be planted in his honor.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Final Rain Date Benefit Garage Sale Thanks to All

Want to say a BIG THANK You to Lisa for organizing and implementing this fund raising event. Kevin was also a great help and quickly picked up the fine art of "tagging". We had a PR room set up with information on goat naming and volunteer sign-ups. Ashlee and Kayla were here bright and early to organize items.

Last week rain, this week heat. Wonderful Colorado weather. The donations for this sale were awesome. Thank you all for your support. We made over $500.00. There are still some real nice items that we may try to sell on Craig's List. Any takers for this job. Still lots of tack, saddles, harness, carts. Also a new stroller, lawnmower, and a miter saw and a nail gun plus lots more. Almost a relief to go back to cleaning stalls today. Happy Father's Day to all dads out there. Enjoy your day.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Name this goat

This alpine goat came to us from Richard and Harriet in Simla, who found him wandering in the mountains. He is very skinny and has numerous cuts and scrapes from entanglement with barb wire. These kind folks rescued him and made a generous contribution to us for his care. Now we need to give him a name.

This goat is male, and he is getting along famously with the other goats. Submit a name for him at lyndamailto:lynda324@gmail.com. Winning name will be choosen next Saturday, June 26. Winner will recieve an Edwards Animals t-shirt and a photo op with a blog entry. We have several suggestions of Snowball and Snowflake. Come visit him. He loves attention.

Fun at Terolyn

Ashley grooms Big Pete in preparation for a riding lesson.

Sumner and Elizabeth get Dealer ready for the farrier. You cannot tell that this is Gene Holloway. He is one of the best farriers in the area and has helped to take care of our animals for almost 20 years.

Ryann, Sumner and Elizabeth work with Little Pete and Regan.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Versatile Volunteers Ashlee and Kayla

Our volunteers are so busy and so great! Kayla is home on summer break from CSU. Ashlee is getting ready to go to China with her school for 7 weeks. Although both are very busy--both make time to help out with the animal care. Ashlee may even accompany visitors on the piano or guitar for several verses of "Bill Groggins Goat". You can tell by the matching beautiful smiles that these young ladies are sisters.

Parker Library's Teen Advisory Boards at Edwards Animals (Part 2)!

Jen found a helper while filling the trench

Such a good helper!

Nom nom nom!

Jen and Andrea filling the trench

Ghana likes the taste of Andrea's shoelaces

Sumner, Meredith and Erin Clean out those horse stalls

Monday, June 14, 2010

Parker Library's Teen Advisory Boards at Edwards Animals!

(From Left to Right) Neelie, Sumner, Nichelle, Meredith, Chris, Dawn, Erin, Andrea and Jen are ready to go!

Chris cleaning stalls

Jen and Neelie filling the trench

Dawn brushing her insistent friend

Sumner makes a friend

Chris, Meredith, Sumner and Erin Feeding the Alpacas

Eva and Nichelle trimmin' trees

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Benefit Garage Sale in the Rain

Good sign --a rainbow that ends in our barn -shows a pot of gold must be in our barn--of course the two golden palominos---Honey and Goldie. Bodes good for our yard sale. Maybe the rain will abate. 6am wake up call to get ready for customers. Tuffy is helping with the PR set up posters. He forgot to spell check Foundation????????
Kevin and Mitch were rousted out at 4 am to help put up signs!!! Where else could you find teenage boys so happy to be up so bright and early!!!!! We were all in our places with bright shiny faces!! :)

These are just some ofthe valuable treasures that were donated to our cause. Thanks to all who parted with their family heirlooms.

Ken and his son Jackson are taking a snack break. Jackson was cracking the whip to keep us all on our toes. Ken came out the day before to mow the lawn and trim the fenceline. We were all set to give royal tours to our visitors. Ashlee and Lindsy gave up a Saturday morning to be tour guides. Boo Hoo--too rainy and muddy. Tours cancelled but a raincheck for next Saturday.

Sale ended and we made over $300. Lisa, Kevin and Jennifer are joyous--is it because it is closing time, is it because we will do this again next week---or could it be that they are cold and tired and we get to pack it all in and go home!!!!!!!!!!! AND DO THIS AGAIN NEXT SATURDAY

Items that did not sell are packed in and ready for next Saturday. Same time same place.
Benefit Garage sale for the Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals. 8-3 Saturday, June 19th
12858 N. Sierra Circle. If you have items to donate call Lynda@303-841-8338. Donation reciepts available.

See Y'all next Saturday in the sun.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cracking corn

Amber and Sydney decided to fix a snack for Coq Au Vin. First you need some whole corn.
Then you need a mano and grinding stone or a mortar and pestle. It is best to have a friend to help because the kernels of corn keep jumping out.

When the corn is in bite sized pieces you need a hungry banty rooster to taste the treat. Girls say it takes a long time to crack the corn!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Food Bank Volunteers

Special delivery to the animals of unclaimed produce. Most favorite is bananas. Corn is a top favorite item , too, all is eaten right down to and including the cob!~!! We need help with pick up and dispersal of the items. Any takers??