Saturday, June 12, 2010

Benefit Garage Sale in the Rain

Good sign --a rainbow that ends in our barn -shows a pot of gold must be in our barn--of course the two golden palominos---Honey and Goldie. Bodes good for our yard sale. Maybe the rain will abate. 6am wake up call to get ready for customers. Tuffy is helping with the PR set up posters. He forgot to spell check Foundation????????
Kevin and Mitch were rousted out at 4 am to help put up signs!!! Where else could you find teenage boys so happy to be up so bright and early!!!!! We were all in our places with bright shiny faces!! :)

These are just some ofthe valuable treasures that were donated to our cause. Thanks to all who parted with their family heirlooms.

Ken and his son Jackson are taking a snack break. Jackson was cracking the whip to keep us all on our toes. Ken came out the day before to mow the lawn and trim the fenceline. We were all set to give royal tours to our visitors. Ashlee and Lindsy gave up a Saturday morning to be tour guides. Boo Hoo--too rainy and muddy. Tours cancelled but a raincheck for next Saturday.

Sale ended and we made over $300. Lisa, Kevin and Jennifer are joyous--is it because it is closing time, is it because we will do this again next week---or could it be that they are cold and tired and we get to pack it all in and go home!!!!!!!!!!! AND DO THIS AGAIN NEXT SATURDAY

Items that did not sell are packed in and ready for next Saturday. Same time same place.
Benefit Garage sale for the Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals. 8-3 Saturday, June 19th
12858 N. Sierra Circle. If you have items to donate call Lynda@303-841-8338. Donation reciepts available.

See Y'all next Saturday in the sun.

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