Sunday, August 31, 2014

Good Fences

Since the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, an annual chore is fence repair and re stretch.
 Here Callie, Grace and Cole hold up the fence while Ken and Mike stretch
 Each t-post has to be re connected.
Ken and Mike team to make sure fence is tight and stable.

Grandview ILC visits

 Miss Linda and her wonderful staff and students arrive at Edwards ready to revisit their animal friends and meet new new ones.
 They give a warm welcome to new pony Stormy.
 Everyone gets to meet and greet.
 Something about moving manure bonds best friends,
 The joy of moving manure!
 When Lynda gets the tractor stuck in the proverbial "stuff",  Cory uses his muscle to free the tractor.  Yea! Three Cheers for Cory!!
 The whole crew poses for a group shot.  It was good to see everyone again and hope they will return soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Welcome Midnight and Tigger

 Sophia was an Executive Intern at our Foundation placed by the Cherry Creek Schools two years ago.  Since then she has graduated and now attends the University of Hawaii.  As she starts her second year of college, she decided to place these two beautiful cats with us in a forever home.  Her parents will be traveling a lot and she will be very busy studying.
 This is Tigger .She is about 5 years old.  She is very athletic and her fur feels like a chinchilla because it is so soft
This is Midnight.  She looks like Jinx but she has a white V on her chest making her a Tuxedo cat.  She is about 9 years old and loves to roll on the floor.  Sophia's parents made a very generous donation to us for their care.  Sophia did not want them to go to a traditional rescue group as they both came from rescue places.  Sophia will be back to visit them.  Come and meet them.  They are very friendly and love attention as do all the animals here.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Donation from /the Spine Institute

 This is Andi who works for The Spine Institute in Loveland, CO. They made a very generous donation of casting material.
 This is some of the outdated fiberglass casting material.
 Our vet, Dr. Dale Rice, will be just as happy as we are to get this material from Dr. Pattine.
Not only did Andi arrange this generation donation, but helped load it into the car of our volunteer Joan who made the special trip to pick it up. Thanks again to The Spine Institute for all your help.

Monica's Picasso

This is volunteer Monica using her art skills on the barn walls.  With those arms they may be putting her to work bucking hay too!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sage

 Sage is celebrating her 6th birthday today and came to visit the Edwards Animals as her treat.
Bucky gives her as special birthday greeting.
                                 Then Fast Eddy and Bandit come over to say Happy Birthday.
                           Volunteer Grace came to do a special tour just for Sage and her family.
 The whole family came along to celebrate; mom and dad and the twins, Colt and Eva.
                             Volunteer Mike helped Sage get a close-up greeting from Goldie.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Volunteer Grace

Volunteer Grace meets the llamas. Thank you for your help.  School starts next week and all our high school help will be busy!

Lamborgini loses horn

While we were in Bennett Lamborghini got one of his horns broken off.  Thanks to our helpers from Care and Community and especially Lisa they were able to get Lamborghini resting in a stall until Linda was able to apply a bandage.

Lamborghini and his bandage; he doesn't like the pink bandage but is glad to be feeling better.
Now come and visit our unicorn sheep!

Visit to Living Springs Veterinary in Bennett

This is Dr. James Haught meeting Fast Eddy.  Two of our goats have not done well for a while and Dr. Rice recommended we take them to Bennett as Dr. Haught raises goats in his spare time. 
 Dr Haught took X-rays of both Ghana and Fast Eddy and drew blood to check for Caprine Arthrib Encephelitis (CAE).  Thank goodness Dr. Haught called to say blood tests came back negative for CAE.  The problem is just old age arthritis.  Most of us here have some of that!
 They found that Ghana has Arthritis in his elbow and will need some Meloxicam for inflammation as will Fast Eddy as he has Arthritis in his front ankles. (Same Rx as Chuck).
 Dr. Haught showed us how to trim Eddy's front feet which have become deformed due to founder.
We found out that Ghana weighs 67 lbs. and Fast Eddy (fat) weighs 300 lbs.  Thank goodness Dr. Haught helped load him because on the way there it took 4 volunteers from Care & Community and volunteer Joan to help load him. The most important information we got was that all male goats need Acidified at least once a year to prevent protein blockage in the urinary tract. Please check with your vet for this procedure if you have male goats.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tristan visits from California

 Tyler Skeeba, our farrier, came around to trim.  Tristan was visiting from California and helped.
 Toby gets a trim and a good report from Tyler.  His lamina have healed and his foot sole is doing a good job of growing out.  Yea!
 Stormy gets a trim.  His foot is still a little "clubby" from a past founder.  Each trim his foot is looking better
Hannah gets a trim.  Thank you Tyler and Tristan.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Laura off to Kansas State University

 Laura has been accepted into the College of Veterinary Medicine, at Kansas state University, she has been such a valuable helper and already has a good deal of experience working with large farm animals. Her dad can and brother Matt have been regulars here helping with all aspects of animal care.
She will take with her her dog her cat and her hedgehog they will all travel together in her new truck what a wonderful sendoff. Thank you for the good care this team has given them. She will also take with her a scrapbook compiled by long time volunteer Roxanne so she will not forget us.

Farm visit

Jim gave up a day of window cleaning for a day of organic waste removal and brought his 2 kids Josh and Harmony to help with morning chores. They live in Virginia and hope they will be back to visit next summer.
 Waste removal one wheel barrow at a time.
 After chores the animals must be brushed and given TLC.
 Toni who brought her kids Ashley and Reagan takes a minute to catch her breath with Lynda.

Farewell to Bunny

Bunny and Thumbilina were best friends they spent the summer with us they came all the way from Mississippi, Bunny who was ancient when she arrived passed peacefully in the night.One of her daily treats was her own pan of soy protein, she loved all the special attention our volunteers gave her!
she will be accompanied to greener pastures by our old yellow cat Tom who also died peacefully in the night.
Come visit Bunny and give her some special TLC.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Kodiak Hay delivery

Bubba tries his hand bucking bales!

Brian and Chris get ready for Bubbas bucking bales

Chuck and Molly give their "okay" for the hay delivery, while Gary masterminds the entire operation. 

The Wasen and Bradac family end of summer visit

 Jamie leads a tour for Amy, who scheduled a visit with us for her family and her visiting out-of-town family.

We are so glad they chose to spend some of their vacation time with us by visiting our animals.