Monday, August 11, 2014

Visit to Living Springs Veterinary in Bennett

This is Dr. James Haught meeting Fast Eddy.  Two of our goats have not done well for a while and Dr. Rice recommended we take them to Bennett as Dr. Haught raises goats in his spare time. 
 Dr Haught took X-rays of both Ghana and Fast Eddy and drew blood to check for Caprine Arthrib Encephelitis (CAE).  Thank goodness Dr. Haught called to say blood tests came back negative for CAE.  The problem is just old age arthritis.  Most of us here have some of that!
 They found that Ghana has Arthritis in his elbow and will need some Meloxicam for inflammation as will Fast Eddy as he has Arthritis in his front ankles. (Same Rx as Chuck).
 Dr. Haught showed us how to trim Eddy's front feet which have become deformed due to founder.
We found out that Ghana weighs 67 lbs. and Fast Eddy (fat) weighs 300 lbs.  Thank goodness Dr. Haught helped load him because on the way there it took 4 volunteers from Care & Community and volunteer Joan to help load him. The most important information we got was that all male goats need Acidified at least once a year to prevent protein blockage in the urinary tract. Please check with your vet for this procedure if you have male goats.

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