Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Goodies for the animals

One of our wonderful neighbors Ms.Carren , brought the animals some Halloween treats. No tricks involved just treats.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Core Knowledge Charter School Visit

This wonderful group of 5th grade boys came around to help with the chores, and love on the animals. 
Sam, a boy in the group got special loving from Pancake the goat. He received a Pancake Survivor award. We look forward to a visit from the girls from this school in 2 weeks!  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Fancy

 On this beautiful fall day when our chores were all done, Callie, one of our long time volunteers found time to braid Stormy's mane, and make him look very fancy and feel very loved. Bucky came over to admire him.
Maddie, helped give Lamborghini a pedicure and get some sun on his belly! You to can have a chance to be in the sun with the animals!


This is Dr. Dave Barton he came out to do an adjustment on Dealer. He found the process behind his ear needed an adjustment, three ribs were subducted, several vertebra in his neck needed to be realigned, and his pelvis was skewed. 

 After the adjustments, Dealer was relaxed and moving freely again. Hopefully this will enable Dealer to have quick healing from the surgery to remove a cyst from his eye.

GREAT NEWS!!! On Thursday, Terry took Dealer to see Dr. Hammond and have the growth in his eye lid removed. It was not cancer, and we all look forward to a quick recovery. Thank you Dr.Dave  Barton!(3038149262) He can also work his magic on people. Thank you Dr. Todd Hammond and his eye clinic! (3034227444)
A fond farewell to Sir Charles aka Chuck
He came here from the Denver Zoo many years ago. He made it to the ripe old age of 17 which is very old for a Zebu.
He spent the winters here at Edwards Foundation and the summers roaming the fields at Terolyn with his constant companion Molly.
I wish to thank the Denver Zoo, Dr Rice, Terolyn Farms and all the wonderful volunteers who through the years the made Chuck’s life so wonderful and gave him some great TLC!

In the next few weeks, his life partner, Molly will need so extra TLC. Please stop by and help her through these rough times.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Volunteers for fall festival

Daisy and Austin load hay to fill the feeders
 Lexi,Austin and Daisy bring out the groceries.
 What goes in must come out in a different form!  Daisy, Masison and Austin "pitch" in for cleanup.
 Valerie and Sarah take Stormy for a walk
Ian takes the lamas for an adventure.
 More adventures in the woods
Now volunteers have time to brush all the animals.  Thank you all.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Elizabeth's Birthday

Cassie brought Elizabeth to the farm for her birthday. Since Elizabeth loves llamas her goal was to meet Millie. 

Cassie introduces Elizabeth to Millie. 

Elizabeth is still not sure she wont get spit on by Millie.

The girls earned 'Pancake Survivor' certificates, as Pancake gave them one of her infamous greetings. 

Best Friends Forever! The girls and Nani and Tulli! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Cats Take Over!

The Edwards Foundation has been blessed with two new cats! Both of these girls are gorgeous and the definition of lovers. They love to play and get pet. This is Midnight and Tigger, and they are looking for a home as set! If you are interested in these two lovely ladies, please make an appointment to stop by and meet them.

Fun With EHS

Here are the Edwards foundation we were lucky enough to have some wonderful students (and their guardian) stop by from Eaglecrest. John, Nicole, Loren, James, Alex, and Richard were such a big help and we are very grateful to them. Our animals just love getting to meet the new volunteers and having a fun time. Thanks again, guys!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


When the Eagle Bend Players decided to reprise "Bullfeathers after ten years, their director Suzie Wright needed some hay for the set decorations.  Not only did she invite us to this original country western moosical comedy but when the play finished its run the hay decorations were donated to us
 Nani our Boer girl goat samples while others supervise our volunteer Brian's endeavors to get the hay to the feed room.
 Molly the Zebu cow comes to investigate and make sure Brian is handling the hay just right.
As always, Pancake the female Nubian goat, supervises all.  We thank the Eagle Bend Players for a fun evening with much talent on display and a special Thank You to Suzie for making this generous donation possible

Birthday Boy

This young man came here with his family to celebrate his third birthday.  His wish was to get to lead a horse.  He was in luck ---our pony Stormy was just his size and it made his day to be able to lead such a magnificent steed!  Our volunteer Ian helped him get to know Stormy

CT and Legend Volunteers

Ken trims Bucky with the help of Arina and Callie.
 Next in line is Ghana with the help of Meghan, Maddi, and Ian
                    Another awesome picture of Ghana getting trimmed!
                              Molly comes looking for treats from Arina
Bucky getting spoiled with attention from Maddi.
   Goldie loves the ladies!! Maddi, Meghan and Arina loving her back!
Get your chance to come and love on the animals. They love it!!