Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dr. Rice does dental visit.

Dealer came to the Edwards with this tooth problem.  Due to some trauma a top molar had been moved to the roof of his mouth.  It would have required extensive surgery to remove it.  Dealer's last surgery to remove squamous cell cancer in his eyelid happened a year ago and was funded in part by Pine Lane Elementary school children with their fund raiser called Dollars for Dealer.  This time when Dr. Rice came to do a routine teeth float visit he found this tooth to be loose.  We have the incredible tooth here in case anyone is interested in seeing what was causing Dealer's problem.
This extraction was still serious.  It required follow up pain medicine and antibiotics.  Dr. Rice even had to use a specialized and new extractor.  This is looking right into Dealer's mouth.

Kim, Dr. Rice's assistant waits with Goldie for her turn.  Goldie is 24 and had two loose teeth removed.  She dropped in weight so our focus now is to get her weight back.  Our main volunteer Diane makes sure to get her out to fresh grass each day.  Come visit and help take Goldie to grass.

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