Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dr. Dale Rice repairs Molly the Zebu's horn

The animals got running around and the Zebu cow (Boscus Indicus) fell, flipped and broke one horn off and severely damaged her other horn.
 Dr. Dale Rice consulted with CSU and other vets in the area and decided he would try to save the remaining horn.  His tech assistant, Kim came to help.  First they had to make the area numb.  Dr rice compared the loss of a horn as similar to a nail pulled from a nail bed but more painful.
                                Then the shattered horn was wrapped with fine wire to stabilize it.

 Then a fast drying epoxy was applied to the horn.  Volunteer Diane came in a post operative collar from her neck surgery to offer comfort and support to Molly.
        Molly's repaired horn along with an anti-inflammatory made them both (Diane and Molly) feel much better.
 Chuck came around to give Molly a tongue cleaning session and to make sure she was OK.
                                    Chuck approves!  They say "Thank You" to Dr. Rice and Kim.
                 It has been a month and the horn is holding.  Some volunteers call Molly our Unicorn cow! :)
                                                    Come visit her.  She loves special attention.

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