Sunday, May 16, 2021

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Thursday 5/13 was a bitter sweet day for us here at the foundation.
Mini Mouse, a sweet girl, had to say "goodbye" to her life long best friend a few weeks ago so she and her "dad" Cornelius came to visit and pick a new potential buddy.
Our little guy Ace and she got along right away so we were happy to send him to his new home.
The latest update from his new family is that he is scarfing all of the grass (we aren't surprised by that), hanging out with his new friends, and has since been renamed ELVIS. We think this is the PERFECT new name for him as he thinks he is the king of the world.

Meeting and Playing

First Family photo (Missing Mom)

Our Volunteer, Jenni, saying "see you later"
to our buddy. (Not pictured was the bawling
mess she became as she watched him
ride away with his new family)

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