Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Chicks-- the perfect kind!

These are a perfect example for Easter and spring "pets".  Each year we get myriad requests to take in unwanted chickens, ducks and rabbits.  These cute baby animals grow up to be a problem for owners.  Chickens and ducks are messy, make a lot of noise and are not allowed in many areas.  Also stores sell chicks in "straight" runs.  This means that roosters and hens are mixed.  Many areas allow four chickens but zero roosters.  Please this spring--  research care requirements, HOA restrictions and the life expectancy of these cute cuddly "pets".  They can be expensive, rabbits live to be 20 years and need regular vet checks, spay or neuter, nails trimmed, supplements, and a safe enclosure.  Their feet can become cut and infected if kept in a wire cage.  Some need regular grooming.  Come visit us if you would like to get a chicken, duck or rabbit "fix".  Rabbits are not for kids, they can scratch and bite.  If they jump out of your arms they can break their back.  Get chocolate or stuffed or ceramic chicks, ducks or rabbits.

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  1. Good for you for mentioning this! There are so MANY animals that are waiting at shelters - Edwards' and others! Another shelter devoted exclusively to rabbits has 200 waiting for homes. Do your homework and decide if you can provide the right kind of home and adequate care and then adopt, don't make a spur of the moment purchase at Murdoch's no matter how cute those little balls of fluff are. It really isn't fair to the animals to take them and then just dump them on someone else.