Monday, October 5, 2015

Friday Was A 'Diamond (good) and Coal (bad)' Day at the farm!

The diamond part of the day was that Daisy Girl Scout Troop 337 from Timberline Elementary School came to visit.  These are first graders and they brought treats for all the animals.

These girls helped to scoop poop, brush the animals and then help with the feeding.  They had a good time and the word from their Scout leader Ms. Prichart is that they would like to come visit again!!!!!

The Coal part of the day was that Gambler took a turn for the worse and Teri Allen from Terolyn, my grandson Mason, and Dr. Dale Rice came to help him. My grandson Mason helped with a test of extracted poop to see if that could help diagnose the problem.  He was not too happy to help handle a glove containg diluted poop.
 Terri Allen and Dale Rice worked with Gambler to give him water, electrolytes and DMSO with a tube feeding.  Dealer was started on a second round of antibiotics and pain medicine.  Gambler will be confined to stall rest until he is feeling better.
After Dale's visit, the Llama, Elizabeth gave him a well-deserved Goodbye KISS. Thank you Dale Rice. You are AWESOME!!

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