Monday, October 30, 2017

On the road to Galilee Baptist church

The Galilee Baptist Church invited us to take some of our animals to their fall festival. We first had to groom the animals and put the halters on the right animals. Then we had to put oil, gas, and antifreeze in the truck. Josh helped with that.  Then Jaleigh, Leah and Josh designed a Poster for the event.  After that, we loaded the animals into the trailer for their ride to the Church. We unloaded them at the church and began the petting zoo.
 Katelyn told people about Stormy and Stormy got a lot of extra attention.
 Leah and Grace had Elizabeth and Toby. They made many new friends.
 The sun came out and all took a brief rest.  Maybe they were preparing to imitate camels in a nativity scene as they are part of the camelid family.
Jalee and Bucky loved all the special attention.  All had fun at this fall event.  Thanks to the Galilee church for the nice invite and the very generous donation.

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