Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wonderful day for hay

Dana and Peggy made a very generous donation of a trailer stacked to the brim with beautiful, beautiful hay!

Our volunteers showed up in force to help unload and stack. We had Paul, and his daughter Lindsey who really worked hard. Dom showed up to do football exercises by lifting two bales of hay at once! Rob, Diane, Ryan and Jessica came full of energy to help, and Ryan used his rock climbing skills to get the hay to the back. The Smith family; David,Zach,Jacob, Alec, and Christian came in force with their own gloves to move mountains of hay. We will miss Zach who has gone away to Colorado College to rest up after moving all that hay! Elizabeth came back from Paris to help with the hay. Madison was part of the wheel barrow line collecting broken bales. Ashlee took time from her busy senior year to help. All the animals say a big thank you to Dana and Peggy! They are soooo happy to have their winter feed under cover.

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